Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Iran in Bishkek below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy report: Iran visa in Bishkek

Post by Dave »

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 12 pm then 3 pm to 5 pm

Very friendly lady. We asked for a start date in the future but they gave us 3 months from date of issue.

Step 1, you need to go to the Air Arabia office on Sovietskaya to arrange the LOI which costs 10 usd. Very simple and they turned ours around in 2 days not 10. (Winter)

Step 2, bring the reference number to the Iranian embassy. You will need to pay before anything else happens. They will send you round the corner to the National Bank of Pakistan. You can pay in usd, euros or som. For UK passports it will set you back a whopping 200 euros for an "entry" visa.

Step 3 come back to the embassy with payment receipt and fill out the form. We got a single entry visa valid for 3 months from date of issue. You need a copy of travel insurance and ladies need a photo wearing a head scarf.

Our visa was ready the following day. Lovely people!!
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by stahlmann »

I can confirm the staff at Iran embassy in Bishkek is very helpful and friendly (she even taped my Bishkek city map, which was torn a little bit :D ) English spoken.

Travel agency to get the LOI for 10 USD is on Sovietskaya 166 and called "Parsia" (it's just a travel agent for Air Arabia and other airlines) They will ask you for details such as job and company address and itinery. You can choose which embassy you want to pick up visa later.

I will update report once I have LOI and visa.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by Wickychicky »


I'm sorry, I am probably being really stupid. But there is one thing I haven't understood yet.
There is an authorization code that you MUST (?) get to apply for a visa?
Does it have to be via an agent or is it possible to do direct?

If I have an authorization code, why do I need an LOI?

I've posted this comment here in the Bishkek embassy section, because it is in Bishkek I would potentially like to try, if it doesn't work out in Bangkok, for example.

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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by steven »

By LOi the authorisation number is meant. Just calling it LOI since this is what all the other countries require, but basically, it is the number that you get. see http://caravanistan.com/visa/iran/
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by jmcl1 »

Got my Iranian visa today in Bishkek.
Irish passport.


Went to Air Arabia office on Sovietskaya 166 ( here for fans of maps https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/37107695)

They were no English speaking staff when I went in, but I could communicate in my elementary Russian.
Filled out a quick form in English, My name, fathers name, address, work address.
I did not need a detailed itinerary, or entry date.

Paid $20 administration fee and 85 Euros (they will accept $ or com equivalent) for the visa at the Air Arabia Office.

Told I would get a call in 10 working days about my application .

10 days later, I got call and told to come in the next day and pay additional 30 Euros at the Air Arabia Office.
Paid an additional 30 Euros the next morning and handed over my passport. I was told to come back in the evening.
Went back in the evening and received passport with the visa. 1 month visa, with 3 month validity to enter.

Now given my level of Russian, I didn't really understand why I needed to pay the extra 30 Euros.
This was possible just an added same day express service, as I was originally told it would take 3 working days to get my passport back,
but to be honest I didn't really mind.

Added plus, the staff are very friendly and offered me tea and questioned me about how beautiful Ireland is.

Cheers again for the awesome website.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by tihomir »

In late May I went to the agency on Sovietskaya 166 to see what they have to say and they convinced me they could do the visa (not just the LOI, the whole visa) in two days. I was hesitant so they said they could do it the same day! :shock: :shock: :shock: $80 + 20 euro, if I remember correctly. It sounded like scam to me so I didn't go for it.

Since then I have met two girls, Finnish and German passports, who got their visas at the agency that way. One even got her passport delivered by the ambassador himself.

I am not sure how exactly Iranian visas work, but it seems like the LOI (code, permission from the MFA or whatever it is called) does take at least a few days (two weeks normally). So either these people in Bishkek have really good connections to get the LOI super fast, or they apply for the LOI and the embassy issues the visa without waiting for actual approval by the ministry of foreign affairs, assuming that it will be ok.

Still this could be an option for someone who is in a hurry.

Otherwise the people at the agency are nice and know a lot about flights to Iran etc.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by Oasis Overland »

Our crew went into the Iran Embassy this week having already had the Authorisation Codes issued. Here is their report from 15 August 2016:

It's all pretty straightforward. You can get the express visa service, which is double the price (total US$900 for 1 x UK, 1 x Australia and 1 x New Zealand) but gets you the visa on the same day, good news! The ordinary service is 2 working days. The lady at reception is really nice so I'm sure she'll help you - and she speaks English! :)


Address of the embassy is at the intersection of Moscow St and Razzakar St, and you need to enter at the Moscow St entrance.
It opens at 9.30am and is about a half hour walk from the Interhouse Bishkek hostel.
Make sure that females are fully covered and wearing a headscarf, and males should be wearing long sleeves and long pants.

When you arrive (I suggest arriving at 9.30) the lady will ask for your passport and authorisation code. Once she's got this, she'll issue you with a receipt for the visa cost. You then leave the embassy and walk about 7 minutes to the Bank of Pakistan. It's literally out, turn L and keep walking along Moscow Street. Cross the road at the first opportunity and just walk until you see the Bank of Pakistan on your right hand side.

The visa cost is issued in Euros. For American passports, it's €60 for an ordinary service or €120 for the one day service. You can pay at the bank in US$ and their exchange rate isn't too bad!

Then you walk back to the embassy, and she will give you the visa application form. You hand this in with your receipt from the bank, your passport, a photocopy of your passport, a passport photo (females needs to have a photo where she is wearing a headscarf), and a photocopy of your insurance. This last one seems to be new, we've not heard of that before! But you do need it.

We were able to pick up the visas at 4pm the same day, otherwise it's between 3-5pm two days later.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by peitzu23 »

Went to the same agnecy, Air Arabia office on Sovietskaya 166

As I need RN code (Taiwan passport). Told they no longer only issue RN code but do the whole process for you.

I paid 85EUR/91USD, gave them dollar note and got soms change back.

Pick up the next day. No futher administration fee.
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Re: Iran embassy Bishkek

Post by Cam »

I had my Iran visa processed in about 6 hours on Monday with Authorisation code. 150EUR for Australian passport. paid in usd at bank up the road. Arrived at 930 and nice lady behind counter said I could pick it up at 3pm after my trip to bank and filling out the form. Can't seem to get form online but look at version for USA embassy before you go to see what kind of answers you need to have. Also need insurance policy
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