Afghan visa in Tashkent.

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Afghan visa in Tashkent.

Post by zebra3568 »

*I'm traveler holding Taiwanese passport.
As title,

I got the Afghanistan Tourist visa in Tashkent,Uzbekistan.Amazingly,now they re-issue the tourist visa for travelers again.(Get the visa on Dec.,2013)

The place is on #1, Batumskaya str., shaykhantakhur district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan,just like the previous post said.And I'm pretty sure they won't change for recent years.

The process is quite fast.Travelers need to get the visa for next country after Afghanistan(I didn't have then(Iran) so I said I could fly to Istanbul with e-visa) or the hotel reservation(how long you book,how long your visa is).
I made the latter and paid US$101 for visa.One day process and got visa in the afternoon.

Application could be obtained in embassy and all the process could be done in embassy,no banks or other institutions involved.

Hope this could be helpful information
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Re: Afghan visa in Tashkent.

Post by steven »

thank you very much for useful info!!
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Re: Afghan visa in Tashkent.

Post by Rainer_Winkler88 »

Got it here as an EU citizen. The embassy is next to the one of Kuwait.
You need one passport picture and 130 Dollars for 5 days of processing. 180 Dollars for the instant (30 minutes) one.
"Old" dollars are accepted.

Also you need a letter of invitation, which you can get from any company or person in Afghanistan. Ask around and some nice person or company will write one. There are many Afghans in Uzbekistan and it shouldnt be too hard if you give them 50 Dollars as incentive, but you can also ask on Couchsurfing.
Of course having a genuine contact or business meeting there is preferable. Also there are Afghan restaurants in Tashkent which can surely help you through their Afghan contacts (probably expecting some pay).
The LOI needs to be sent to the foreign ministry in Afghanistan and takes a few days to go through the system.
Send a text to Reza, +93 78 705 0474. He lives in Mazar and may be able to help.

Nothing else was needed. No embassy letter, no questions, no criminal record. The process was fast and the people there quite nice.

Its valid 90 days and the duration of stay is 30 days. No restrictions or anything.
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