Uzbekistan Visa Questions (Ankara Embassy application for UK passport)

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Uzbekistan Visa Questions (Ankara Embassy application for UK passport)

Post by King-Slim »

I am in Ankara to make my visa application for a UK citizen travelling by bicycle through Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of April 2017.

I wish to apply here in Ankara and pick up the visa in Baku, Azerbaijan due to time limits remaining on my Turkish visa.
I have some confusion about documentation requirements and speaking to the embassy just now they were little help on the telephone and simply said come to the embassy at 10am on Friday.

1) I specifically wish to know about making hotel bookings in order to fill out the "Address in Uzbekistan" section of the online form. Is it necessary to have bookings (via that can be cancelled) in order to fill in the application, will the embassy require this? If so do I need to create a list of hotel bookings for the entire duration of my stay (a difficult task when considering I'm cycling and not all cities within a days cycle will have capability).... or can I just book my initial nights and write that I will be staying in additional hotels day by day as I travel through the country and get registered and accommodation receipts at these hotels as I travel?

2) I believe no LOI is required for a UK citizen, does anyone have any contradictory information with regards to the Ankara embassy?

3) I will put entry and exit dates confirming a 30 day stay and ask for a 30 day duration on my visa.

4) Here is what I understand may conceivably be required and will take with me to the embassy on Friday.
... 2 x print out of the online form
... 2 x passport photos (as per size and specifications on their website)
... 1 x photocopy of all pages of my passport
... 1 x letter from my employer stating my position and continued employment (kindly supplied by my former employer even though I left my job to travel for 3-4 years, they will also back up this document if the embassy makes contact to confirm)
... 1 x my original passport (so they can see it not so they can keep hold of it)
... 1 x current Turkish eVisa printout (always have it on me anyway)
... Hotel booking details as required (see point 1 above)

Is there anything I've missed off?!

Many thanks
Any comments or advice or warnings would be graciously and gratefully received.

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Re: Uzbekistan Visa Questions (Ankara Embassy application for UK passport)

Post by steven »

1. No

2. No LOI needed for you.

3. ok

4. should be fine.

Note that picking up Uzbek visas in other embassies is not usual practice. I met people who applied in Bishkek and picked up in Dushanbe. The guy asked them to fill in the form again, then they would receive their visa. They seemed confused and were convinced they had to apply all over again. I never saw them again.

But I think you should be fine.
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