Embassy Report: Uzbekistan Visa in Berlin

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Re: Embassy Report: Uzbekistan Visa in Berlin

Post by Van_Gogh »

Applied for an 30-day multiple-entry-visa via post in Berlin on November 6, received my passport with the visa back on November 16.
I called the embassy in adavnce to check if i can apply now for a visa valid in April and May, I was told this is surely possible. They speak German and English.
The "check visa status" function on the Uzbek e-visa site does also work, just check it from time to time. As soon as they're receiving your passport,it says "under obligation", but when you're approved it shows your data and Telex number.
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Re: Embassy Report: Uzbekistan Visa in Berlin

Post by lora »

Just wanted to add my experience as well. I applied for a two week single entry visa on November 16th (which btw is a Thursday, so their office was closed, but someone was still there to take my documents). I was told to come back in ten days with the proof of payment. I hadn't attached photos to my form but he didn't care. I also didn't book a hotel but just wrote down a hotel address in Samarkand - this was no issue.

I actually took the proof of payment (€70) in during the following week and picked my passport with visa up on November 25th without any problems.
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