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Tajik visa [Berlin, EU passport]

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:59 pm
by Solsticio
Everyone else I met in Tajikistan arranged the visa either online or in other Central Asian countries. As I wanted to be sure and have the embassy in my city, I applied there.

I was the only person there, so it went very fast. The guy working there didn't speak much German (probably not much English either), but when he could speak Russian he was very friendly and gave me all kind of tips. I didn't get a receipt (and forgot to ask for it), but when I returned two weeks later, the same guy knew who I was and already had my passport on his desk.

Unlike people arranging it elsewhere, I didn't pay an additional fee for the Gorno-Badakhshan permit. The stamp seems to be old, though, as it starts with 200. (the employee had to cross a 0 to make it 2016) and one of the districts is apparently not mentioned, what became the source of the only failed(!) bribery attempt I encountered in Tajikistan.

Booking an appointment online is being offered, but doesn't work and turned out to be totally unnecessary anyway.

This was in August 2016.