Embassy report: Afghanistan in Berlin

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Re: Embassy report: Afghanistan in Berlin

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Afghan embassy in Berlin below.

We summarize all info on the Afghan visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy report: Afghanistan in Berlin

Post by Solsticio »

Today I received my 3 months' tourist visa from the Afghan embassy in Berlin.

In general, it is a quite chaotic embassy. They have terrible reviews on Google. From the moment they open their doors, it is crowded with Afghans with lots of paperwork and embassy employees seemingly in a state of eternal bitterness and irritation. I was the only non-Afghan person there. One guy told me that they had been told at 9:15 that no one without an appointment would be heard that day. Of course, making an appointment is impossible, as no one ever answers the telephone.

In any case, after having previously been told otherwise, after half an hour of waiting I was told to go to a room upstairs. There I was immediately helped by a friendly woman that spoke good German. She took my form, photo and passport copy, but told me that I should bring an invitation, which interestingly enough didn't need to be official, and a passport copy of the inviting person. Probably for security reasons, they don't issue tourist visas to travellers without local contacts. No need for stamps though. Luckily, I already made contact to a few people through Couchsurfing and the first guy I asked was happy to help.

After he sent me his passport copy and the signed letter pre-written by me, I went back to the embassy one week later. The consul took a short look at it and asked me a few general questions. After that, I could go downstairs again to fight my way through to the cash register and after that was finished, they just needed half an hour to issue the visa on the spot. In the end, I paid 80€, which frankly isn't cheap for a visa, but it is less than what I read online (100€).

Maybe this information is helpful for anyone applying for the Afghan visa in Germany/Europe.
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