Embassy Report: Turkmenistan visa in Tbilisi

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Embassy Report: Turkmenistan visa in Tbilisi

Post by rocketbirdfishman »

I haven't much info about the Turkmenistan embassy in Tbilisi, so thought I would post this:

We applied for a transit visa and picked up in Tbilisi. From what we gathered from people we talked to, normally the consular section runs very smoothly and is open Monday and Friday 10am-1pm for processing visas. It went very smoothly for us once we got started. Had to pay at TBC bank just round the corner ($55 for Czech citizen, $85 for British citizen). Whole process took less than 2 hours, and the guy was very helpful.

We did, however, have some issues because of the Flag day holiday. We arrived on Monday 20th (The day after flag day) but it was closed. The guards told us to come back tomorrow. But when we came back we were told the consulate wasn't coming in today and we should come back tomorrow. When we came back Wednesday, the consulate didn't arrive until about 12:30. He said he didn't normally do visas on Wednesdays, but he wanted to help. Unfortunately the system was down and after 2 hours of trying, he apologised and said to come back Friday. But the guards were lovely and made us Coffee while we waited!
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Re: Embassy Report: Collecting Turkmenistan visa in Tbilisi

Post by marianaamc »

Did you just collected the visa but applied elsewhere? Where did you applied?
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Turkmenistan transit visa in Tbilisi

Post by jetdude »

The Turkmenistan Embassy/Consulate opened its doors in Tbilisi in 2014, and as my October trip approaches, the only visa I need is that of Turkmenistan, which is difficult to get. Has anybody applied for the Transit Visa in Tbilisi to pick it up later on-the-go in, let's say Tehran, or Mashhad?
Thanx a lot
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Re: Embassy Report: Turkmenistan visa in Tbilisi

Post by Emily »

As of February 2018:
Tried to apply for Turkmenistan transit visa in the embassy in Tbilisi. The embassy is in the Vake neighbourhood, exactly where Google maps says, easy to find. The guard spoke Russian but no English, but found a local nearby to translate that I had to wait for 5 minutes. They only let one person into the embassy at a time. The guy inside the embassy spoke great English. He asked my transit route, I told him Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan. He told me that I must apply for the transit visa in a neighbouring country and suggested I apply in Baku.

Seems like citizenship/residency was no issue here. I have a British passport. A Cypriot lady (who is also a member of this community!) was there at the same time asking about a transit visa with the Iran to Uzbekistan route. She was also told to apply a country which neighbours Turkmenistan and was recommended Tehran or Mashhad.
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Turkmenistan Georgia

Post by Marko52 »

For those with no Turkmen embassy or consulate in their home country. I’m Australian and went through the usual process of booking a tour and then getting an LOI. All done in good time, then how to get the Visa itself?
Fortunately I had a fortnight in Georgia before commencing the tour through Azerbaijan and across the Caspian to Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi Port).
The Tbilisi Embassy is open for visa application & issue only on Mondays and Fridays, from around 0900 and closes at 1300. The process took about an hour and a half.
You are escorted into the Embassy by one of the Georgian security police guards, who remains with you. Besides your passport, take a copy of your LOI, and application if you can, to ensure information lines up exactly with what you will have to fill in on the Visa application forms you’ll be given through a kind of servery hatch from the windowless office inhabited by the consular official.
Once the forms are done and scrutinised, you have to go to the local TBS bank, deposit USD75 in the Embassy’s account and take the receipt back to the embassy- about 20 minutes or so. Back inside under escort, and not too long later, you’ll come out with your Visa. I was the only person there on the day, so I’m not sure when they actually stop taking new applicants, but given the rather Kafka-esque nature of the process, I’d be sure to be there no later than 1130.
If you can’t fit in with the Tbilisi embassy’s rather leisurely business hours, Baku looks like a good option. Another Australian with the same plans as me, and bearing an LOI, got her Visa in one same-day sortie to the Turkmen embassy in Baku, which also happens to be open 5 days a week for consular business.
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Re: Embassy Report: Turkmenistan visa in Tbilisi

Post by ericv »

I went to the Turkmenistan Embassy in Tbilisi today.

There is a guard outside. Once you get close to the embassy, he freaked out a little, started yelling at us "Baku, Baku" and crossed his arms to make an X. I rang the bell for the embassy anyway, no one answered. I called the embassy phone number from the website, no one picked up.

While we were waiting, a diplomatic car pulled up and the embassy gate opened to let the car in. I asked the passenger in the car if we can apply for Turkmenistan visas, and he said "no, the consul isn't here". For all we know, he is the consul, but it is very clear they will not help you with applying for a visa here.
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