Overstaying Pakistan visa

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Re: Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports and questions on overstaying your visa in Pakistan below.

We summarize all info in the Pakistan visa page.

Also check out the forum topic on extending a Pakistan visa
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Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by SPR11 »

And you can also leave on the day your visa expires. You can even leave the day after your visa expires. You can overstay your visa for two weeks without any extra charge, and up to one year for "only" $400.
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There's some useful info too.

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Re: Leaving pakistan one day before visa expire

Post by olmo »

Have you or anyone overstayed recently, especially at the Chinese border? Found mixed reports online, ranging from no problem at all to having to return to Islamabad - though none of them are recent. Not planning to overstay but good to know if it's an option :)
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Pakistani Visa Oberstay

Post by WitekM »

I did overstay my Visa for 9 days. I got info from my Pakistani friend working as diplomatic coordinator for Ministry of Culture, that you can overstay up to two weeks without any problems. I thought I will risk just to enjoy my time in Pakistan without going to get extension.

When I tried to cross Wagah Border, officials told me that I overstayed my Visa. I asked what should I do know and they said "get extension". I was worried that they will send me to Islamabad to Ministry of Interior. However, to my surprise, they told me to wait (it took 30 minutes) and took my passport somewhere. Then of the officials came back with two sets of applications for me and my girlfriend. He told us to fill in both. That's what we did. Then he took our passports again and went back to his office. Then after another 45 minutes of uncertainty we got our passport back and had to get in line in front of passport counter. We got free extension at Wagah border (they put another Visa in our passport with no number of entries and valid for only 9 days).

It seems you don't have to get extension in Islamabd, you can get it at the border however I should not risk it next time.
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Re: Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by morkovkin »

It's an official info from the Ministry of Interior, that you can overstay up to 2 weeks with no fee:
https://www.interior.gov.pk/index.php/d ... ay-charges

But there's an important detail. If you are overstayed and you want to leave, all the problems can be solved on the border. But if you extended your visa and then you have overstayed your extension, then you should return to the Passport Office and extend visa one more time. My travel buddy has this problem on Wagah border. So he was sent to Lahore for another extension. I don't know what will happen if you are overstayed and you leave the country by air.

And some extra info for Pakistan visa page:

1. You can extend your visa not only in Islamabad, but also in any province capital. We did it in Islamabad, my travel buddy did it in Lahore, and he also asked in Gilgit. Actually in Islamabad it takes longer (7-15 days), than in Gilgit or Lahore (3-4 days).

2. In Islamabad you can avoid Pak Secretariat – just go directly to Passports and Visa Office at G8 (Kashmir Highway metrobus stop).

3. Visa extension fee depends on your citizenship. E.g. for Russians it costs 80$, but for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus it's free.
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Re: Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by Timalaya »

Hello, I am currently in Islamabad and have an eVisa for India, meaning I can only cross the border at international airports.

My Pakistani visa is expired since 2 days and I'll be flying in 3 more days. I know that on Wagah border having overstayed for up to 2 weeks is not a problem but what about at the airport? All the informations I got are old and might not be reliable.

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Re: Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by bacca4 »


Did anyone left the country by air after overstayng?

I think I am going to do that, and any report would be apreciate :)
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