Read first if you have a visa question!

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Before asking a visa question, make sure you have read the relevant visa article about the country. Overview page:

Before submitting an embassy report or question, have a look first to see if a topic already exists. Relevant topics are linked to from the visa pages on the site.

Thank you!
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Read first if you have a visa question!

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Visas are confusing, we know. That's one of the reasons we set up this site, so people could avoid trawling forums and ask the same questions over and over again.

If you have a question about visas, please make sure you have thoroughly read the visa section on this website.

Months of research have gone into writing it, and most of your questions are already answered there, including questions about visa support or which embassy is better.

Read everything, still no answer? Please go ahead and share your question. And if you have an embassy report to share or another update, please let us know!
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