Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by theheadwind »

We had very good and speedy service
Italian passport (no need of letter of invitation): Applied for Visa on Friday morning, got the Visa on Tuesday, 55 USD
Brazilian passport (with letter of invitation): same day issue (after making the payment in the bank -city centre-)
We went by green metro to Emler Akademiyasi and got bus n. 53 until Araz supermarket stop
We walked back to Baku centre by the coast path, it's a nice walk and took us about 1 hour 15 minutes
Thank you Caravanistan for all the info ;)
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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by SteveL »

Easy process for 4 Canadians in Baku. Our friends submitted on a Friday, got confirmation the following Tuesday. We submitted on Monday and picked up on Thursday. Ignore the 'office hours' posted (mon, wed, fri 10-12 and 1-4). They were open on Tuesday and Thursday. They were closed for lunch from 1 to 2 (we got our visas at 12:30). The staff is helpful and friendly. We took bus 31 to the Araz grocery store.
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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by marten568 »

Picked up Uzbek visas in baku that we applied for in Ankara two weeks ago (without LOI, Swedish + American). We checked online the status 5 days after applying and we had received "telex" numbers. We called the Baku consulate on a Tuesday (a day the consulate is officially closed) but the man was very friendly and helpful and said we could come in to pick them up anytime besides 2-3pm when he was going to lunch. Took a cab (5-10 manat from old town). Went in to drop off second copies of application, pictures, and passport copies. Was then given slips to go pay at the International Bank of Azerbaijan in downtown. Then went back to consulate with receipts to get visas issued. $65 for Swedish citizen, $160 for US (30 days, two entries). They initially printed "one entry" on the visa but the consul fixed manually with pen and signing/stamping the change. Hopefully won't be any issues, he insisted there wouldn't be. Overall pleasant experience.
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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by Sjaan »

May 2018:
We are a couple from Holland and got our tourist visa for 30 days at the embassy in Baku. We applied for it on Friday and is was ready to pick up next thursday. Without an LOI. We had to pay $55 each, at the bank. The ambassador was very kind and helpful and the embassy was very good to find and quiet. Applying took us 15 minutes, picking it up also.
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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by tabf2010 »

We - an American and a Hungarian - just got 30 day Uzbekistan tourist visas from the embassy in Baku. It was super easy. We filled in the visa application online, printed it and brought copies of our passports and photos, and went to the embassy. It's open from 9-12 and 15-17 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We went on a Wednesday and the ambassador spoke good English and told us that the visas would be ready in one week (by the next Wednesday) and he would email me when they're ready. I got an email on Monday morning saying that we should go to the bank, pay, and then come pick up our visas. It was $55 for a Hungarian passport and $160 for a USA passport. We had to wait about an hour at the embassy to pick up our visas because there was a line. Overall quite easy.
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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Post by jamesmurray4 »

September 2018
Went in the afternoon around 16:00 on Wednesday. Really nice guy who was chatty. Submitted the filled in form from caravanistan website with 2 passport photos and photocopy of passport. No questions asked. He said it would be 3 days and could collect anywhere. Have opted for Tehran so will see if approved but seems from his demeanor like should be. Very casual.
Agree with the comments that the embassy is very unassuming (aside from security cabin outside which also has a nice gaurd in it)
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