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Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:45 am
by steven
Please read and post reports on the Uzbek embassy in Baku below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Uzbek visa page.

Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:45 pm
by Laura P.
Hi, just wanted to share some detailed directions to the Uzbek Embassy in Baku for anyone heading out here. Visited this morning, nice & easy process: all you need is a passport & 1 photo, they'll do the photocopying & give you the application forms to fill out.

Anyway, to find the embassy, you need to head to the Elmler Metro Station. Just outside the metro entrance you'll find a bus stop, here you take bus # 5 headed towards Badamdar.

After riding for less than 10 minutes you will notice many flower sellers lined up on the RHS of the road, they're here to service the cemetery just up the road. The road will make a bend to the left (large roundabout) and after a few hundred metres you will see a blue CItiMart Supermarket sign...get off here! Walk BACK a few metres past a small fruit & veg seller on a corner of a side street and TAKE THAT SIDE STREET. The embassy is a few hundred metres down the road on the LHS...even though the street doesn't look like much ;) Once you pass the Saudi Embassy you know you're on the right street.
Good luck! :)

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:43 pm
by onemoreadventure
We are a British couple and we got Uzbek visas with LOI (which we got through Stantours) in one day.
We used the very detailed directions provided in an earlier post. The Citimart is now closed, but the sign is still there. The bus numbers have changed. We took bus no. 53 from near Metro Elmler, but you can also get bus number 31 from near fountain square (which is where the International Bank of Azerbaijan is located). The metro is 20 cents per trip, as is the bus, but this is due to increase to 50 cents in september 2016. A taxi should cost around 5/6 Manat or so.
We went to the embassy at 10am, the surly guy behind the counter (who speaks good English) briefly checked one of our application forms and then sent us back to the city centre to pay at the International bank of Azerbaijan (azerbaycan beynəlxalq banki in Azeri). He said to come back when we have paid, we asked when and he replied before 1pm.
(Tip: there is free coffee and cold water in the bank and plush toilets on the first floor!)
We paid (USD75 per person for single entry, 30 days) and returned by midday, then had to wait a bit before we were let in, and handed over our documents (1 b&w passport copy, 1 passport photo, 1 LOI between us, 1 completed application form - stantours prepared this for us). He asked to confirm the date of entry and allowed us to change the date written on the form. We requested 30 days in 60-day window, but he was not keen and we did not push the issue.
Our second visit took one hour and we emerged with visas at 1pm.

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:01 pm
by Mayuelliot
We applied for our visa in the Uzbekistan council in Istanbul and collected in Baku. We applied in January 2017, but had to give the date of entry. We chose May 1st as we were cycling and thought it would take this amount of time before we would be there. However we arrived in Baku in early April, this meant we were ahead of our schedule. We went to the embassy in Baku Friday to find out about our visa and he told us it would be ready on Monday. HE ALSO TOLD US WE CAN CHANGE THE DATE OF ENTRY !!! He gave us the details to pay at the international bank of Azerbaijan, we paid there in dollas and gave him the receipt Monday when we collected our visas. Completely hassel free, almost no waiting, highly recommend doing it this way. Now our visa starts on the 18th April :-)

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 4:07 pm
by JacobW
Applied for visa yesterday 10:30am (dutch passport) with LOI help of Aliya. LOI took 10 workdays, proces and communication went smooth.
Earlier mentioned info about prices and what info they need is right. Had to pay $65,- at the bank and went back to the embassy. The guy asked me whether the dates where right and made the visa. Was outside before 12am, so it all took just 1,5h.

Now of to Iran in the hope to manage a Turkmenistan visa in 10 days in Tehran. Just one shot, will post the results in the forum...

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:27 am
by Stuntman500

We applied (Belgian & French) for our VISA the 12th June without LOI. We gave our phone number & email adress. We thought it would take more or less a week to have them. After 8 days waiting and no mail we called them. It was still not ready. We called them everyday at noon till the 23th June. That day, they told us that Tashkent never received our application. So, our copy of passeport and application letter was lost somewhere (yes they have computer in their office but they still send the application by post).
So they told us we have to apply again and wait another minimum 7 days.

So it happened for the two of us and two others applicants. Fortunatly, we didn't pay in advance.

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:31 pm
by yhpans

We are two Indian travellers and we had a very amazing experience getting our Uzbek visas at the Embassy in Baku (Aug 2017).

Arranged for LOI through Top Chan hostel, Tashkent - 75 USD with no conditions except we stay at their place for one night. Rest other agencies were not giving LOI without booking costly stay through them. LOI took 2-3 weeks to arrive but we got it well in time before we reached Baku.

Contrary to what other travellers here had mentioned, the visa officer spoke very nicely to us. He was surprised seeing Indian travellers in Baku and asking for Uzbek visa. Although he had never been to India ever, he spoke in perfect Hindi to us, saying that he had learnt it on his own. Maybe he was just happy to practice his Hindi after so long :)

We took bus no 32 from fountain square/Icheri Sehar area, which dropped us near the embassy (10 mins walk). Entered the embassy (same address as mentioned above) at 10am, was given payment slip by 10:30am. took same bus back and made the payment of 65 USD each at bank Azerbaijan near the Fountain square. Went back to embassy by 12noon and were ushered in again. were out by 12:30pm with the visas. We had only asked for 15 days visa to which visa officer told us to increase since it is less time to see his country. He also gave us some small tour guides for Uzbek.

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:14 pm
by Thedayman
I applied in Istanbul way back in July, 2 and a half months later arrived in Baku, after the start date on my application form (yes Georgia kept me a while 😏). Went to embassy, he told me to go pay at the bank (and gave me a slip of paper) and return tomorrow (Tuesday).
I returned Wednesday and got the visa no problem, and MANAGED TO CHANGE THE DATES.

Really nice chap. And he said he was waiting for me on the Tuesday, even though the embassy is 'closed' (he sounded genuinely disappointed I didn't turn up!). So if he tells you to come back on a closed day then do it!

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:11 am
by Leanna
We (German and Italian) got our visa in Baku this week, and it was very easy. Husain, the guy working there, is super nice! We got a LOI through Topchan hostel (took about 10 days to arrive) although we technically don't need one, but we only had 4 days in Baku and didn't want to wait. Indeed with the LOI we got the visa the same day - arrived at 11:30, got payment slip, went to the bank at fountain square (bus 31 or taxi 7 manat), came back, he made the visa and by 13h we had it. You can choose the dates there, and he even gave us travel and food recommendations, he is super sweet.
What might be important is that he said even without a LOI we could have gotten the visa in 3 working days (not 7-10 days as we thought), and he seemed to think it was a bad idea we paid for the LOI at all. So for Europeans and others who don't need a LOI, it might be pretty fast anyway to apply here.

Re: Uzbekistan Embassy in Baku

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:14 am
by Leanna
And we had to pay 55$ per person, I forgot that 😉