Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by Viktor »

To confirm the above, my Hungarian friend and I (a Finnish citizen) decided to try to obtain the VOA at the Armenian-Iranian border.

We got through the Armenian side without a hassle even if they were warning us that we wouldn't get in without a visa. On the Iranian side we were greeted by a young Iranian official in khahiki uniform. He asked if we had a visa. We said "no" and he replied that we have to go back to Yerevan to get it.

We didn't loose our hopes on the spot but decided to press a bit. I said that we had heard that Mr. Amiri could arrange it. That seemed to have been the magic word. He didn't really speak English but he called someone who did, who then acted as the interpreter. The guy in the uniform kept telling "no", always followed by a "but". He took us inside where we talked to a group of officials by the door of the visa issuing office (which looked pretty dead).

Eventually the "no" was a firm "no" so we had no other option except to turn back. So it doesn't seem to be possible to get the VOA there anymore, better just to apply the normal way through an embassy or fly.
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Re: Iran Visa on Arrival at Armenian border

Post by Benfloe »

We went to boarder 2 days ago, french passeport, we didnt get the visa at the boarder.
No others choice than coming back to Yerevan at iranian embassy.
We are trying to get the visa with help of tappersia travel agency.
We will up date later.
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