Extension of a chinese double entry visa

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Extension of a chinese double entry visa

Post by julistan »

Hello everybody,

I am currently cycling in China with a double entry 90 days visa (ff course, using one right now)

I found infos that in 2015, it was possible to extend your first entry of 30 days without loosing the second entry.
Is anyone here who extended recently his,/her visa at the end of his/her first entry without loosing the second one?

If yes, could you tell me where you did it? The Psbs are not all equal in terms of openeness...
Thanks a lot
Safe travels to all
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Re: Extension of a chinese double entry visa

Post by Nemo73 »

Hi everybody,
I have the same question as Julistan. If anybody knows about that, thank you.
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Re: Extension of a chinese double entry visa

Post by aless »

I extended my Chinese visas twice, two different visas, both double entry, but always after the second entry, as they actually give you another visa that voids the original one, "visas" issued inside China have blue background.

With every extension I got a stamp that says "Cancelled" on the original visa. For the same reason I also applied toward the end of the 30 days of the second entry.
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La Trottineuse
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Re: Extension of a chinese double entry visa

Post by La Trottineuse »

I was just refused a second visa extension on an initial double entry visa (30 days x2), in Shangri-La (which probably has one of the best reputation for visa extension), French citizen.

I had been careful of asking a first extension only after 2 entries were used (since it's what numerous forum threads state to be the best in order to avoid loosing the second entry), but the woman told me it's exactly the contrary since 2013...
She said I should have asked a first extension after the first entry, then use the second entry, then make a second extension.

As there are disparities amongst the different regions, PSB, etc, I would not take this for a systematic rule, but, as I explained it was well know that the contrary was applied, she assured it was the updated law.

Good travels,
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Re: Extension of a chinese double entry visa

Post by BakuBound »

The PSB was right. Under the "new" immigration law, your total extensions on any one entry to China cannot exceed the length of your original permitted stay. Since your original permitted stay on each entry was 30 days, you could not extend for more than an additional 30 days on each entry.

It's possible some PSB offices overlook this technicality sometimes and grant a second extension. But the law is pretty clear it's not permitted.
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