Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by Elisev »

Apllied the 29th August in Dushanbe for the 5 days transit visa and asked to collect it in Tashkent. They tolded me to wait 10 working days and to present my passport and my apllication number at the Embassy. I sent an email to Tashkent to ask some news a bit before the 10 days and got an answer that my visa is ready and I can come.

Went the 12th September in the morning at the Turkmen Embassy in Tashkent. This a brand new modern building, the entrance for visitors is on the other side of the main one.

I showed myself to the soldiers and sat down on the waiting area near the gate. There was a list with names and numbers made by the locals, I think it's an informal thing. Almost 12 persons were already waiting there. Around 10 minutes after I arrived one of the soldiers called 6 of us, including me. I don't know if it's because I was talking to a girl from Hong-kong who was there since one hour or if it was tourist privilege... Before to come in the soldiers checked our bags and asked to keep our phones (you got a piece of plastic with a number).

A green mint-smelly yard welcomed me before the visa office. In the morning two persons are there to get your request so it's quite fast, the girl is speaking English and French.
I presented the paper with the application number, my passport, a color(!!) copy of my passport and an ID photo. I filled a recto-verso form with almost the same informations than in Dushanbe and the exact dates of entry and exit (at the question "Where you will stay?" I just put "Hotel" and they didn't ask more details).
It was the end of the morning, they asked me to come back at 4pm to get my passport back with my sticker visa.

Came back at 3:50pm, the waiting benchs outside were empty so I went into the Embassy immediately (bag and phone again). Just a couple of ouzbeks waiting in the visa office. At my turn I needed to pay the 55$, got a receipt and my passport with the beautiful green visa.

The all procedure took 2 weeks and costed me 65$.
On my visa there are the exact dates and the entry and exit borders.

(The girl from Hong-kong I met apllied and collected her transit visa in Tashkent and got it in 4 working days. Tashkent seems to be a good place for the visa!)
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by Manou »

Experience septembre 2019 ==> Visa accepted :D

I went with two friends at the embassy the 2nd of september to apply for a transit visa. So we are two frenchs (1 boy 1 girl) and one ouzbek girl, and we all get the transit visa from Dashoguz to Turkmenbashi.
Arrived at the embassy around 8:30 we were the first, after 30 min more people came and finally gards ask me to take a paper and create a list with number, so we are the first on the list ! The list is usefull if you are 50, they let people passed by group, but once inside embassy there is not list that counts.
They keep phones at the entry, and big bags should stay inside embassy but outside buldings.
Inside, employees are very nice, ask us to filled out one paper with our details, where we went to entry, where we want to leave the country, which date. + 2 picture in colors, our azerbaidjan e-visa (photocopie in color) and photocopie in color of our passport. Nothing else.
price : $10 + 20 000 SUMS each for apply.

they told us that they will call us in 10 days. It was not possible to receive our visa dirrectly at the border
10 days after we called them, one by one they said on phone "yes your visa is ready, you can come to take it"

We came back to Tashkent morning, put our name on the list, waiting. They confirmed that we are ok for the visa, they ask us to wait. After 1h and paying one more $45 each we received our transit visa for 5 days on our passports. :D :D
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by Clairethedon »

Solo woman, late 20s travelling on an Irish passport.
Applied Monday 23rd of September. Arrived early, at around 8:15am. I shared a taxi with a French lad my to the embassy. Our names were early on the list, about 6th/7th if I remember. Realised I needed a colour copy of my Iranian evisa so I went off to find a place to print a copy. It was 9am at this point.
I went to Print Copy first, no luck there. Second, I went to Seal Mag a few door down. They wouldn't print my visa, they said it was an official document and it was policy not to print those. I asked for a place nearby, they sent me to ADG Copy Center. They opened at 10am and gladly printed my visa. They have WiFi so I emailed them the pdf I received from the Iranian embassy. I don't remember the price but it was cheap. All these places are marked on Maps.me.
Returning to the embassy, the queue was very short. I was allowed in after a short wait, minus my phone, Kindle and water bottle. I had the details for the border crossings written in my journal. I was called to the window and a young woman gave me a form to fill out, asking about my passport details etc. I fixed my passport photo to this form. They provide a glue stick. She took a photocopy of my Iranian evisa and returned my copy to me. She took my colour photocopy of my passport. I was then given a form in Turkmen and asked to state the date of entry for the crossing I wanted. I was told to leave the exit date empty. I wanted to exit at Sarahs but I didn't have the name written proberly in my journal. She looked at me like I had two heads so she put down Goudan/Howdan instead. This left me a bit flustered and worried as I understand this to be a quiet crossing. She took my $10, gave me a receipt with my application number on it and I was done.
The application took about 15 minutes. I was told to come back the 4th October and my visa would be ready. I found this phrasing interesting because she said it in a way that assured the issuing of my visa.

For the next 2 weeks I went around Uzbekistan, and didn't call the embassy once to check my application. I arrived back in Taskent the 2nd, and went to the embassy the 3rd. I arrived around 10:30 and was incredibly busy. I decided against waiting around. I arrived the morning of Friday 4th at 8am. I was the third name on the list. We were let into the embassy at 8:40. I went to the window and gave the man my application slip, $45 and passport. After 45 minutes, my visa was issued into my passport and I was free to transit through Turkmenistan in 4 nights 5 days, for the dates 7th-11th October.
Overall, a quick and professional service, all through English. Bring your own pen. Have your borders clearly written down, to avoid the mistake I made. I only needed a single passport photo but bring 2. I didn't need to write a letter, you fill in a pre-existing form with the date and site of entry, and site of exit. If you require it quickly make sure to write URGENT on the top of this form(I think you pay extra but can't confirm). I didn't because I wanted to spend the 10 working days/2 weeks going around Uzbekistan. My visa was date specific.
Plenty of tourists applying when I was there so it's a popular spot. Rumours I heard about rejections was it's based on age. The younger you are, the lower your chances. I heard this from a 21 year old guy (Polish passport) who applied with a few others in their late 20s (mixture of European passports). They all received transit visas. Make of that what you will.
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by marc »

Quick embassy report from our side:
30 M - Dutch
24 F - Icelandic

On Wednesday the 2th of October we went to the Turkmen embassy in Tashkent, got there at 09:00. Wrote our name on the list and 5 min later we could enter the embassy. Left er our phones at the entrance and could enter.

Waited for about 15 minutes before a lady helped us, gave us two application forms. Filled them in and handed them over, including 1 color copy of our passport, 2 photo's and our Azerbaijan E-visa. Had to fill in another form (in Russian) when we wanted to enter and on what date.
Took about 1,5 hour before they finished, gave us a little paper and had to pay 10 dollars each.

They said it could take 2 weeks, up to the 21st of October. On Wednesday the 16th we gave them a call and they confirmed the visas were ready. Went to the embassy at 10:00. Same play, 5 minutes later we were in. Handed over our passports and about 30 minutes later they were ready. Had to pay 45 dollars each for the visa.

Super easy and straight forward, people at the embassy were helpful and the whole process was super easy.
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by simimochilahablara »

We, two Spanish, applied to the transit visa in the Turkmenistan embassy of Tashkent on 14th October, and they told us to come back to the embassy on 25th to collect it. We checked on internet and it seems that on Fridays the embassy is closed, and the 25th was Friday (we don't understand why they told us to go to the embassy in a day of :S). Anyway, just to be sure, we called the embassy on 21st october (one week after aplying) and they told us that our visa was ready. It looks like everyone is getting the transit visa in Tashkent.


We have to warn you about the uzbek police at the door of the embassy. They will ask you to leave your phone and your camera at the door and to enter inside the embassy without it. While we were waiting to enter inside the embassy (some people entered before us because the arrived earlier than us), we saw how one of the cops was checking the personal pictures of the phone of one lady who was inside the embassy doing her business. Take care with it if you don't want unexpected surprises after leaving the embassy ;)
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by dper99 »

Very happy Australian.
As per the other reports applied on the 8th of Oct told to come back in 10 days but travel meant I came back on 24th. Paid US$10 before and when I arrived back paid US$45 ($55 total). No issues in getting visa and asked if I could bring dates forward which wasn't a problem. Both the dates and entry/exit ports are on the visa. Make sure you bring perfect US dollar notes (no nicks or writing on the money), they gave me change of $100 so assume it will be the same for others.
Good luck!
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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tashkent

Post by Eirik »

Transit visa Tashkent. Visa issued. Norwegian passport.

I went to the embassy on the 17th of October.
Got there early in the morning before 0800,there were 3 people before me on the list. At 0900 I was let into the embassy. Once inside nobody seemed to care about the list. You leave your phone with the guard before entering.

I had to fill out 2 simple forms. Dates of entry and names of the border crossing. 2 passport photos and a copy of the Iran e-visa. Paid 10 USD,got a reciept and was told the visa would be ready in 10 days.

One week later on the 24th of October I called the embassy to check the status. (When you are there ask for their number and they give it to you on a piece of paper)
They said the visa was ready but I was far away from Tashkent at that time so i came back on Monday the 28th.

Then at the 28th I was there at around 0930.
I was asked to write the day I wanted to enter,I belive here you can possible write a day earlier than intended but i gave them the same day as i did in the application.
Was told to come back at 1600 the same day and pick up.
Got back at 1500 and was just going to wait outside until 4 but the guard let me in right away.
Once back inside it just took a few minutes,paid 45 USD and got the visa. :-)

Overall I will say the process was easy.
The staff are helpful and speak good English.
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