Tajik visa for Chinese / Taiwan

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Tajik visa for Chinese / Taiwan

Post by steven »

Looking for more reports: if you have a Chinese passport, let us know your experience!

Here is one I got via e-mail. Applicant is Chinese, but fluent in Farsi.

I applied for an E-Visa and received it within 24 hours without any problems. But maybe that's because I also uploaded my Farsi language certificate during the application. Not sure if it had any influences at all.

Summarising all info at Tajik visa for Chinese.

For Hong Kong travelers, see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4399
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Re: Tajik visa for Chinese

Post by tyrion »

My friend and I (both Hong Kong SAR passport holders) applied for Tajik e-visa with GBAO permit a few days ago. We didn't provide any more information than necessary. Just randomly picked one Dushanbe hostel from Lonely Planet for "address in Tajikistan". After 3 working days, our applications were approved. Good luck guys!

(This probably isn't the right place to post this report since we're not really holders of Chinese passports. But i figured many Hongkongers would get to this post from the visa guide page, just as i did.)
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