Uzbek Visa in Novosibirsk

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Uzbek Visa in Novosibirsk

Post by fumccdo »

I just received a 30 day, single-entry tourist visa at the Uzbek consulate in Novosibirsk. I'm a US passport holder but decided to get the LOI from Stan Tours just in case.
I arrived at 10:10 Monday morning (they "opened" at 10:00) and put my name on the waiting list that the other Uzbeks had made who were standing outside the entrance. One by one, the consul's helper buzzed us in, and by 12:15 I was in the door. The consul was not present, but everything was functioning as normal.
When the main guy present found out that I was a US passport holder wanting a visa, he hold his other helpers to drop what they were doing and only focus on me. Hence, for about 30 minutes they ignored the other 20+ Uzbeks in the office and worked on my visa. Despite having called the week before and asking about the visa process (to which I was told it would be a 2-3 day wait), I received the visa on the spot. The main guy was very professional, spoke English well. He barely glanced at the LOI, instead asking me "when would you like to go to Uzbekistan?"
I only brought dollars, as I understood that I must pay in dollars. He said they only accept rubles so I went to a bank nearby and exchanged them. I returned and picked up my passport with visa.
As a US passport holder I paid $175 converted into rubles.
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Re: Uzbek Visa in Novosibirsk

Post by steven »

Thank you very much for that, very useful!
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