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Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:17 am
by aroch200e
Hello all, a little report from our experience of Russian visa demand in Tbilissi. We are a french family: my wife, 28, our 8 months old baby, and me 27. We are french citizens travelling with our french car.
Before the demand deposit we ordered 3 LOI from , a french tourism service for Russia. We got 3 for 60 dollars, one was free for advertising their service on our personal blog. Very easy going and quick.
We arrived in Tbilisi at the Suisse embassy on the 2nd of June at 9am to deposit our demands. The Russia consular section is easy to find, at the 51th of Ilia Chavchavadze Ave, on the eastern side of the building down the street you can't miss the crowd. The very nice guard let us pass without having to queue thanks to our baby in his stroller just as we arrived. There is a first desk where a ticket is given according to why you are here, for visa demand we were first in line at desk number 1. The person there speaks no english and will make no effort to understand broken russian. We managed with our complet folders to make our demand, at first she wanted us to come back 2 hours later to have an english speaking interpreter.

Our folders consisted in (for each of us):
- 1 LOI for 30 days : good color copies, no original needed
- 1 x 2 electronic applications printed
- 1 identity pictures that you must glu on the one of the electronic applications print.
- 1 certificat of insurance (IMA for french citizen with Filia-MAIF, with more then 50 000 dollar of sanitary repatriation writen)
- 1 photocopy of the main passeport page

She tells us to go pay (50 dollar x 3) at the dedicated desk and to come back on the 8th of June at 6pm.

So we came back on the 13th of June after a brief tour of beautiful Georgia, we got to by-pass the terrifing queue with the baby once again (thank you embassy guard!), waited upstairs 20min only to be told that we needed a russian translated copy of birth certificat for our baby with notary stamp to get our passeports back (she couldn't have said this before when we applied??). We had a french copy of it with our names well writen, she did not want it, only russian with notary stamp.
After a lot of efforts to get the paper (fortunately translaters and notaries are easy to find in Tbilisi) we came back the following day on the 14th at 6pm with the wanted document. We by-pass the queue for the 3rd time, she looks at the paper... and tells us come back tomorrow at 6pm. Very annoying as the embassy is far away for the city center with bad traffic and as our Armenian reservations of the following day have to be canceled, with fees.

We are still in Tbilisi waiting for 6pm to go back to the embassy, we hope to have our passports this time... I will let you know.

Advise for parents travelling with children: don't waste your time, for 50 GEL you can have a traduction and notary stamps for 5 copies, get it before you apply to have a complet folder as the lady at the desk doesn't ask for it.

Aside from this the staff is nice and things seem well organised with the ticket system. Copies of papers can be done just downstairs from the embassy in dedicated trucks.
I hope this helps, soon to come i will post Uzbek visa demand in Tehran report and feed back on bringing your diesel in Turkmenistan...

Long live caravanistan and thank you for all of the precious advise for planning our trip!

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:20 am
by aroch200e
Update: we finaly got our visas , 30days. The consul did not know how transcript our names in cyrilic so it toke a long time, we were first in the embassy at 6pm (again baby stroller priority)and last out. Everybody in the 6pm queue (maybe 150 people?) got his passeport before 7pm, the process is very quick.

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:36 pm
by 6thumbs
Hey, thanks for the info! How long is the visa valid for (i.e how much time do you have to reach the russin border?)

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:21 pm
by aroch200e
Hello, we have our entry in Russia programed on our visas from the 1st of septembre and exit date the 30th, as asked. So in all 3 months after applying.

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:49 pm
by ObviousPumpkin
Hi! Thank you for info! What places in Gerorgia you can recommend?

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Tbilisi

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:38 am
by aroch200e
I would recommand the Svaneti region with Mestia and Ushguli, Kazbegi with the Geghard monastry and funny russian atmosphere, we also had a great time in Batumi and at it's incredible botanical garden. And Tbilissi is also a great place where you can easly spend 3-4 days. Unfortunatly we lacked of time to visit wineries and the east side. Georgia has places to visit for every taste it is very nice, in 2 weeks we did not get bored at all.