Embassy reports: Afghanistan Visa in Khorog

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Re: Afghan tourist visa in Khorog

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Afghan embassy in Khorog below.

We summarize all info on the Afghan visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy reports: Afghanistan Visa in Khorog

Post by panicneil »


First time here -- thank you for the amazing resource and info. I'll be self-driving the Pamir Highway for about 2 weeks in July. Depending on the security situation (which I will research and monitor), I'd like to enter Afghanistan for a day from the Khorogh area. Is it still possible for an American passport holder to obtain an Afghanistan visa at the consulate in Khorogh? Does anyone have experience with thus? Any information, logistics, or reports would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Afghanistan Visa in Khorogh

Post by bwv812 »

I suspect it is still available. If it wasn't available, we would probably have heard of it, and the only reason I can imagine them not issuing it is if the security situation in the area really deteriorates. The fact that at least some of the visas are issued in a cash-under-the-table-and-into-someone's-pocket manner probably helps ensure they'll keep issuing visas.

A more interesting question (sorry for the hijack) is about the border market that happens near Korogh. I've never actually heard a report from a traveler on this market—only about the one near Ishkashim—and I wonder if it's open even though the Ishkashim one is closed.
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Re: Afghanistan Visa in Khorogh

Post by adventurism »

Hi, sorry not able to answer your question, but I will be on the Pamir in July as well and playing around with the idea of going into Afghanistan. What were you thinking of? Maybe a possibility to meet up?
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Re: Afghanistan Visa in Khorogh

Post by steven »

Here is the latest report I got, just found the time to update it on the website but it stems from June 16th 2016:

Got some visas today
New Zealand - $150usd
Australia - $150usd
American - $200usd

Lady said prices have changed this month or last month.
Strictly no Japanese people can get visa in Khorog or maybe Tajikistan

Issued within a few hours went at 10am had by 11.30am.
Need passport copy and photo
and self penned letter but lady working there will tell you what to write.

30 Days given
Single entry
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Afghan tourist visa in Khorog

Post by galax »

Last post about this subject was 2013 so opened this new thread

Office seems to open from 9:30am to 12 (I went at 9 they asked me to come back at 9:30 instead), weekend closed

Through the usual small window, a lady came to me, she speaks good English and very friendly and helpful

She gave me a form to fill in, and a blank paper to write a letter with personal details (she will tell you what to put down) and travel plan in Afghan

I put down I will fly in Kabul to start the trip. At first she came back said that consul will not give me visa, I should apply in Dushanbe. I explained to the lady I am not going to / flying from Dushanbe but somewhere else (Pakistan or India) and those countries do not give tourist visa

After a while, she came back again with the visa ready. She told me she explained to consul I came from a long way and really want to visit Afghan, etc. to persuade for the visa, really helpful indeed

USD150, single entey, 3 months valid and 1 month max stay, no restriction how and where to enter the country, whole process less than 1 hour
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Re: Afghan tourist visa in Khorog

Post by Harrisgf »

Male and Female (unmarried), USA passports
August 2, 2017

Went to consulate in Khorog at 8 because we stopped by the afternoon before and was told that was the opening time. Waited for the "boss" until a little before 9am when they came to the window on the sidewalk and gave us an application, a piece of paper to write our itinerary and that we are aware of the consequences. We submitted those with a photo and $220. We also had a letter of invitation that we gave them but it doesn't appear to be necessary. Price seems to have just gone up for Americans vs the $200 we previously read.

By 9:30am, we were given a three month window starting on date of issue, valid for up to a one month stay.
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Re: Afghan tourist visa in Khorog

Post by cherishka »

July 2017

We arrived a little later than expected, around 10am. Was told by the guard that they close at noon. Waited for the visa processing lady to greet us at a small window on the left-hand side of the building. She said the quickest is three days turn around. We told her we need it the next day because we have everything arranged already if she can please help us.

She came back with a blank sheet of paper and an application form, one set for each of us. They told us to write a letter to the consulate to tell him our plan in Afghanistan and we would assume all responsibility for our safety within the country. Here is what I wrote (feel free to copy and correct my grammatical mistakes) -
Dear Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Khorog Tajikistan,
I am writing to apply for a single visa for Afghanistan. My name is xxx, my passport number is xxx, I am a citizen of xxx. I will be traveling to Afghanistan from xxx to xxx via the Ishkashim border. My main purpose is trekking in the Wakhan valley and visiting villages in the Wakhan Corridor.
I assume all security and safety responsibility during my time in Afghanistan.
Thank you very much.
What to bring:
  • 2 passport photos
  • $200USD
  • Completed application
  • Letter to declare your safety responsibility
  • Tajik visa and entry stamps
  • Color copy of passport picture page
After filling out the papers and handing in our applications, we were ushered into the consulate.
The nice lady proceed to return a joyful message, 'The consulate said no problem, he will have the visa ready in 20 minutes. Please wait here.'

We received our visa in 15 minutes, the Consulate came out to shake our hands and wished us a good trip to Afghanistan.
It was that easy and simple.
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Re: Afghan tourist visa in Khorog

Post by janji »

1 photo, 150usd, tourist 30 day, had Tajik multiple entry, letter to consul, made on spot
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Afghan Visa in Khorog: $220 for US Passport

Post by ventureforthphoto »

Got my Afghan visa here in Khorog this morning, and was surprised that the price for US passport holders has jumped to $220, plus $50 “urgent” fee to get it in an hour rather than two days. There didn’t seem to be any room for negotiation on the fee.
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