Kerman : Iran visa extension

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Re: Kerman : Iran visa extension

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the visa extension process in Kerman below.

We summarize all info in the Iran visa extension page.
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Kerman : Iran visa extension

Post by asianrider »

We can report that the visa extension process is very easy and straightforward in Kerman.

We've been able to extend out visa by one month, even though it was still valid for another 8 days or so (30 days after the expiration date of the original visa). Price is 34'500 T (French and Swiss passports) and it takes about 2 hours including a round trip to the bank to pay and to the photographer to make photos with hijab ! yes, if you're female, you need to provide 2 photos wearing a headscarf (the guy apologized to us about this).

Everybody was helpful and welcoming, there was even a woman and a guy speaking a few words of English.

Visa office : 30° 17.383'N 57° 4.388'E (close to Ganjali bazaar)
Melli bank : 30° 17.439'N 57° 4.428'E
Photo and photocopy : 30° 17.371'N 57° 4.466'E

Office is open in the morning, from 7 or 8 AM (?). First go to the photographer if you need it (you need also photocopies of the first page and visa page of your passport). He also has copies of the forms to fill out.

Then go to the office, somebody will lead you to the correct office (No 9). Fill out the forms (in English), 2 copies per person, then they will give you a piece of paper for the bank. Go around the corner in the main street to the Melli bank office, take a number and give the piece of paper to the clerk and 345'000 Rials, they will know what to do. Get back to the office with the receipt, leave your passport and return 1 1/2 h later to pick it up with a new stamp : easy.


ps: thanks to the great guys at Hotel Akhavan for the address and the warm welcome. Recommended.
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Re: Kerman : Iran visa extension

Post by waltereegho »

asianrider's description of the process is spot on. To add from my own experience:
- go to the photographer even if you don't need pictures. He has the English forms you'll need.
- at Melli Bank, don't count on the ticketing system. Most people simply ignore it and queue aggressively at the counters. Get a ticket and hand it to any of the clerks - don't be shy or you'll be waiting forever. Also note that Melli Bank =/= Mellat Bank.
- You need to provide an Iranian phone number and address. Write it down before you enter, as you will have to leave your phone in a locker. I was staying with a local and provided the address of a random hostel, which was no problem.
If you get stuck at any point, ask for Reza (the official in charge of the visa office, a very kind man who speaks good English) or Rahmin (a very helpful security guard).
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Re: Kerman : Iran visa extension

Post by ninanina »

thanks to asianrider's and waltereegho's description I also had a very smooth experience prolonging my visa in kerman. I don't really have anything to add.
both the photographer and reza were competent, nice and efficient.

it took us 1,5 hours in total, our visa was directly stamped after a 10 minute wait. asking for 30 days extension seemed a bit problematic at first (we were asked if 14 days would be enough and we said yes), but in the end we were granted 30 days anyway.
if you are a woman, you have to pick up a tschador in a room just next to the entrance (right-hand side). I was invited to wait inside an office with some very nice women.
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