Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Uzbek embassy in Tehran below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Uzbek visa page.
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Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

Post by aroch200e »

We had a great experience at the Uzbekistan embassy of Tehran for our visa demands. 3 french citizens including a 9 months old baby overlanding with our car. We preordered from Topchan hostel 3 LOI in june, very fast service (less then 48h) for an unbeatable price: 120$ for us 3, and at least one night of reservation at their hostel in Tashkent, without prepayment. We applied in Tehran on the 12th of July with for each:
-2 printed copies of the online from, prefilled (corrected by Topchan hostel, very nice)
-2 identity pictures
-50$ each (with new blue bills only, they refused green bills)
We arrived with a snapp taxi at 8h40 at the embassy, we were alone with the police guard until 9h. He told us to put our name on a list, only 2 names were ahead of us. It does not seem to matter as when the door opened the lady made us pass in priority. 20 minutes after we had our visas, very very easy, no question, no hassel.
The embassy is far north of Tehran, with snapp it cost us 150.000 rials to go from the city center near the bazar, definitly worth it.

Almost as easy as Nagorno-Karabakh visa!
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran with LOI

Post by Tiredanddehydrated »


Visa sorted - Tehran. 1 x Aussie male.

Did LOI appliocation (requested URGENT processing - extra $10) and had everything submitted and paid on the 17th July. Sent a follow up email to Aliya (Shahina Biznes Travel PE - recommended from here) on Sunday night 23rd July and the next morning had the LOI in my inbox. Maybe coincidence.

FYI LOI needs:

Visa application form completed
Letter of employment (Did my own for my side company)
Passport scan
Accommodation bookings (5 x hotel bookings)

The last one is a pain, but booking.com makes it easier. Went into Embassy today with everything required (as per the previous post. Got in at 10am. Only some individual Iranians there (4 in total, nice guys, no agents) on the stairwell outside. Note: if gate is closed then buzz Number 2. As soon as the door opens the lady attends to whoever she's already helping and any new people. Took about 20 minutes and $80 for Australian. (Including the urgent LOI at $80 it makes for an expensive outing given I have no guarantee on the Turkmen visa.)

Overall a nice experience.

TURKMEN (Lodgement only - will post outcome (and this lodgement bit) when I get to Mashad in the Turkmen visa thread when the fateful day comes round)

Took the 35 minute stroll to Turkmen embassy (very nice part of town), not realising it shut at midday. Got there at 11am and knocked on the visa window. Of course I hadn't colour photocopied the newly minted Uzbek visa (foolishly hoping they would do it - no chance). I received the application and instructions from the polite gentleman then proceeded to get a taxi to Tajrish shopping complex (under advice from a random shop owner who must get these questions daily - honestly don't know why he doesn't buy a colour copier and make a fortune). Traffic was a nightmare, but fortunately there is a photocopy place on the road beforehand. Ran in did my copy (plus a spare for paranoia). Had completed my application in the taxi en route along with possibly the worst written letter ever and made it back to Turkmen embassy at 11:55am. (Note: I stated I was riding my motorcycle in the letter. Hope it helps. Who would know.)

Banged on door in 1 minute intervals until a local came and I let him take over. About 12:05pm the guy re-appeared and read through my rubbish. He added border points next to my dates and gave good advice on it. I also missed the "University attended" field on the application which I thought was only for current students. He said to call the number after 10 business days, maybe 11. I reminded him of my tight timeframe. He indicated it should be fine. Definitely excited to hear my result in the lottery! (I have a back up plan if I can't go North). Note: Number to call to check on Turkmen visa is 22206731 ext 107. Probably an 21 area code. Good luck all!
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran with LOI

Post by tatterdemalion »

No different to the previous accounts.
US$42 LOI via Topchan, not-rushed, arrived in 10 working days.
Visa: US$85 Australian passport, double entry, received on the spot within ten minutes, only brought one application form.
They incorrectly listed only one entry and charged $75, but altered it (in pen with accompanying ambassadors signature) when I pointed it out.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

Post by 3enruta »

We are a couple of Spaniards, we do not need the LOI for the Uzbekistan visa.

Processing time without LOI: 3 days !! (In theory without LOI is processed in a week).
Price: $ 55 (although urgent requests, they charge you ordinary and take 3 days equal).

 We went on Sunday, March 4 (nobody was there). It is open but can not start processing because in Tashkent it is a holiday. They collect the papers.

 Status of the procedure: in the web of the electronic service you can check the status of your visa by indicating your passport and the reference number that is in the summary of your application (that you keep with you).

 On Wednesday, March 7, we went about 10 o'clock (there were not many people) although on the web it said "in process" and ... luck! They just approved them and in 10 minutes we had our visas. We met a couple of Chinese who also had delivered the papers on Sunday and also obtained their visas in the 3 days, perfect!

 If you go with your own vehicle you can sleep in the square, there is a toilet. Arrive after 7pm Large vehicles, no!

 The nearest copy shop is at 35 ° 47'54.19 "N 51 ° 28'29.85" E, 20,000 Rials by taxi from 35 ° 48'19.72 "N 51 ° 28'20.32" E (crossing of main streets).

 To take into account: closed on March 8 (also the Turkmenistan consulate).
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

Post by anomalousbelgian »

I went this morning to pick up my Uzbek visa after I applied in Istanbul two months ago. It took less than an hour, as it wasn't very busy at the embassy. One note: she asked for a copy of the main page of my passport. So if you didn't apply in the Tehran embassy, be sure to bring a copy of your passport. You also need to bring the filled out application form (the duplicate, with picture). Changing the dates was no problem. Another couple changed from a 14 to a 30 days visa. I paid 55USD for single entry, 30 days.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Tehran

Post by Mrloes »

We are the couple (from the Netherlands) that got the visa changed to a 30 day visa, we didn't have to pay extra for that. All very easy and friendly, we applied on 3 June and picked up the visa 10 June. Everything like it's stated on the main Uzbekistan visa page here on Caravanistan: No letter of invitation for EU passports, just the application form printed twice, 2 passport pictures, copy of passport (black&white is fine). They don't keep your passport. We paid 55 dollar each when picking up the visa, they accepted the "old" green 100 dollar note.

PS. Hi anomalousbelgian! We're happy to read that you got your Turkmenistan visa in the end. Enjoy your cycling adventure!
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