Chinese visa with Kyrgyz/Kazakh residence permit?

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Chinese visa with Kyrgyz/Kazakh residence permit?

Post by JefandKat »

Hi everybody,

I'm sorry if this question has already been asked and answered, I really couldn't find it anywhere..
We are currently cycling towards India (entering Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan tomorrow..) and like so many -if not all- of our fellow travellers we will soon be facing the giant question mark of the Chinese visa:)

We know the 'easiest' option is probably to send our passports home and try to obtain the visa from the embassy in Belgium, but as we just met friends who did this and were still denied because of spending more than two weeks in turkey (and therefore required to be questioned and provide fingerprints at the embassy), this option is beginning to look very nearly impossible as well..
Now, since it will be september before we leave the pamir and reach Kyrgyzstan, it will be too cold to cycle through China and across the himalayas for at least half a year anyway, so we are looking to do some volunteer work in either Kyrgyzstan or kazakhstan to spend the winter months off the bike before heading further.

Now we were wondering if anybody has any experience with ontbinding a residence permit for either of these countries, and most importantly, if anybody happens to have some information about the influence such a permit may have on te Chinese visa? We know that in Georgia for instance you can quite easily get a residence permit if you are working and that with this residence permit you can still get a Chinese visa in tbilisi.. does anyone know if a similar thing can be done in bishkek or almaty/Astana?

Thanks for reading, have a nice day and any piece of information that you have is more than welcome!;)


Jef and Kat
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Re: Chinese visa with Kyrgyz/Kazakh residence permit?

Post by steven »

Residence permit is not an option for you. Many expats cross the border each month themselves. You, without proper employment or marriage ties to the country, do not stand a chance to get a long-term visa in either country.
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Re: Chinese visa with Kyrgyz/Kazakh residence permit?

Post by anomalousbelgian »

Hi Jef and Kat,

Just to inform you, it is possible to apply for a second Belgian passport at your municipality if you say that one country might reject you based on a second country in your pasport (e.g. "Indien een landgenoot wil of moet reizen naar een land dat niet toelaat dat visa of grensoverschrijdende stempels van andere landen in de reispas staan."). I see you are on the road though, so this might be difficult (you might as well go the visa bureau and do the interview/fingerprints then). Maybe you could get a second passport from a Belgian embassy on the road. Unfortunately Belgian embassies are rare in the region, I only found one in Astana (Kazachstan is visa-free though!) and Uzbekistan (Ereconsulaat Tashkent).

Could you keep us updated on your progress?
Good luck!
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