Embassy report: Iranian visa in Madrid

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Embassy report: Iranian visa in Madrid

Post by Antonio »

Hi, second time applying in Madrid for a second visit to Iran. I prefered not to do the VOA at IKA.

First step is to get the reference code: Last year I did it with Touran Zamin and it was almost a disaster, took 3 trys to get it to the embassy in Madrid. I decided to try key2persia this time. 35$.

Sent the information and payment on the 02/07 and asked for 5 day visit. Received an evisa pdf file on the 10/07 with a 10 day invitation. I was very confused as I was not sure if this document was what I needed. Instead of a 6 or 7 digit code like last year, the evisa code is 18 letters/numbers, so I did not even try to call the embassy to check if it was OK.

I sent a friend to the embassy on the 21/07 with the form, a copy of the evisa, 2 photographs, plane tickets and a certificate of the medical insurance. I told him to ask for express service, last year they did it in 1 day, this year it was 4 working days. 75€ and you can pay there by credit card.

Received the visa on the 27/07 for 10 days, and the photo they used was the same as last year's xD.

I think the evisa is an improvement even if you have to go through an agency.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Madrid

Post by cohle1486 »


We also got our visa at this Embassy on January 2019.

We asked for the code through an Iranian agency and within 3 days we got it.

We waited for 3 more days and went there.

We were asked for 1 picture, the insurance and the authorization code. They didn't ask for flights or hotel reservations... not even the visa form... We didn't fill it beforehand, so we were there at the embassy before going to the window filling it up when the staff came at us asking what we were doing so much time there. When we told them we were filling the form they said it was not necessary, so we didn't finish it or give it to them.

They offered us to pay 50% more to have it done at that same moment. We declined. We wanted to pay with cash but it was not possible. We had to pay with credit card (50.50€). We paid for it and they told us to come back within 3 days to get it.

Before going back to the embassy we got an email from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an e-visa. We still thought we'd get a traditional visa on the passport when we get them back. But then we saw they just gave us a copy of that e-visa we had gotten via email. They issued the visa the same very day we went to the embassy, they just didn't give it to us because we didn't pay more for it but that's fine.

It was really easy to get it and the staff were friendly.
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