Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

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Re: Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of China in Chiang Mai below.

We summarize all info on the China visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

Post by traveltarte »

British and Estonian citizens obtained double entry tourist visas for China from the Chinese Consulate in Chiang Mai in August 2017. Cost was 2000 baht (only bhat is accepted) per visa. Application times are 9:30 - 11:30 on weekdays (except Chinese and Thai holidays) and visa pick up times are 15:00 - 16:00.

They were very fussy about my passport photos and rejected three different options I offered them: one because I was wearing a white top, one because I was wearing a necklace and one because I was wearing (tiny) earrings. I had to go and get new photos taken to satisfy their requirements. Nowhere on their website or in the Consulate does it actually stipulate this requirement, but be aware they may pick up on it.

Processing took 5 working days - longer than the advertised 4 days - this was apparently because we were applying from a third country.

Overall it was a smooth and straight forward process.
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Re: Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

Post by cyclingtwo »

We're a British couple that applied for a 60-day visa in Chiang Mai in Nov 2018 and made an itinerary to support it (including flights, hotel bookings and a print out of where we planned to go). We were given 30 days and told to extend in the country (which isn't great as we were planning to cycle through the length of China). We were told they would only give us 30 days as it was our first Chinese visa. One of us has a Turkish stamp and it did not seem to matter. We also put that we were unemployed on the application form. They asked us what our previous jobs where. One of us was a teacher, one of us was a British govt worker. I said I worked at an overseas British Embassy (which I did for a short period of time) and they said if I could provide a letter stating this, they could give us longer than 30 days. We didn't have time to do this but they do seem to have some room to give longer visas if you are convincing enough.

The visa application was submitted on a Tuesday and they gave us a form telling us to return the following Tuesday for collection. The cost was 1100 bhat each.

They also asked us "why so long in China?" our answer "it's our dream to be in China for the Chinese New Year" didn't seem strong enough to get longer than a 30-day visa as they told us to apply for an extension in China. We may cycle from Vietnam to Hong Kong and try to get a longer Chinese visa there for our cycle. The service was quick and friendly and there was only a couple of people there applying.
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Re: Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

Post by BakuBound »

Any UK citizens reading this post should be aware that if they apply in the UK they will normally get a two-year multiple-entry visa permitting a 90-day stay per entry.

Since it's a two-year visa, it works well for those who don't plan on entering China till quite some time after they leave the UK
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Re: Embassy report: China visa in Chiang Mai

Post by julistan »

Just got a reply from the chinese consulates of CM and Konkaen. They dont process anymore foreign passeports. Only the visa center in Bangkok does.
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