Embassy report : Kyrgyzstan visa in Tehran

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Re: Embassy report : Kyrgyzstan visa in Tehran

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Tehran below.

We summarize all info in the Kyrgyzstan visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy report : Kyrgyzstan visa in Tehran

Post by yhpans »

Making this topic since I couldn't find one here. The last known info was from an external link dates May 2014 anyways.

We are two Indian travelers and unlike Europeans and many other nationalities need a prearranged visa for Kyrgyzstan. Since we were traveling overland from Turkey-Iran route we decided to take it on the road instead of taking at home.

Arranged the LOI through Aziza ([email protected]) who is recommended by Carvanistan. Costed 55 USD (paid in kyr soms online) and took 3 weeks. There was a minor error in the final LOI which they got rectified in 2 working days.

Taking the visa in Tehran was another story. The working hours of the embassy are Sun-Thu (9am-12noon for submission, 4-5pm for collection). It is located on 5th Naranjestan st. which is 15 mins walking distance from Nobonyad metro (on line 3). The Google location of the embassy is slightly off, one needs to keep walking on the street for about 100 metres or more till they see a turn and embassy is just after that on left side.

We first went on Sunday morning 9am but no one responded after pressing the door bell. The security outside had no clue either. Waited till 11am and left since there was no information outside. Tried next day, teaching at 9:30am and immediately got inside. The consul is a chatty fellow, talks about random things but he gave us the application form and payment details of the bank (Melli Bank branch some 5 KM's away). He does not accept payment in cash but told us to deposit there. 30 USD + 10 USD (total 40 usd) per person if 5 days delivery, else 60 USD + 10 USD (total 70 USD) per person if we want next day. Deposit at bank took another two hours (with the help of some locals who spoke English). We went again next day morning to hand over following documents - passports, completed application forms, one passport photo, LOI letter copy, passport copy, bank payment slips (one of 60 USD and another of 10 USD per person). He acted that it would take two days but we insisted that we paid double and want it the next day as we have our flights soon. Went back again next day at 4pm and got the passports with one month Kyrgyz visas 😀 starting from the entry date we mentioned.

All in all, it took 4 visits and lot of patience making the trips on metro back and forth. Also lot of chatting with the consul on random topics - he even asked us why are we going to Kyrgyzstan? There are only mountains and nature there. And how come indians have money to travel (such a prejudiced statement 😣).

While we were getting this done, Kyrgyzstan announced e visas for everyone who needed it (including for us as well) 😵 so other planning similar travels won't have to face this. Nevertheless since we plan to enter Kyrgyzstan via land border from Tajikistan, we still need it as it's e visa is only valid on airports (Bishkek, Osh)
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