Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by Jacksparrow »

I just tried today to apply for this visa and got one big No. I will be in Iran for next month and might be coming every now and then to see if anything changed. Im really looking forward for that transit visa and will try to convince them im flying or something. As i hear border is open again and people with valid visas are passing but they simply stopped issuing them in Tehran what is quite contradict and the whole embassy is confusing.
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by justme »

Today I called to Pakistan Embassy and asked for transit visa (+98 21 6694 1388). They said YES, it is possible (Vietnamese passport), but I need to get letter of no rejection from my embassy. It could take between 10 to 15 days.

I called to my embassy in Tehran, but they said NO, as the situation is not safe enough for them to offer that letter. So I have to give up!
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Peter Van
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by Peter Van »

Pakistan transit visa in Tehran (10 Jan. 2019)

Consulate closed on Friday and Saturday. Open around 9 AM.
Tel. visa section: 66944888 (English spoken)
From the train station walk 4 minutes to the bus station at the beginning of Karegar street and take a bus in the bus station there (1000 IRR). Get down at Laleh Park (near the Carpet Museum) and walk about 10 minutes to the consulate.

Requirements for transit visa:
- passport copy
- picture
- visa of subsequent state
- letter from your own embassy that your passport is genuine
- 10 dollars for Malaysian passport holders

It takes 2-3 days to issue a transit visa. The passport with visa must be picked up in person.

The last 3 months the consulate has stopped issuing transit visas on government orders. Call the embassy to enquire whether they have resumed.
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by Nelsonag96 »

I went to the embassy this morning, unfortunately visa issuance for foreigners has been suspended, the worker at the embassy told me to try again in two weeks.
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by steven »

Got this via e-mail today:

Today I met a Russian lady who got transit visa (2 weeks, extendable in Pakistan) for Pakistan in Tehran Pakistan embassy last month. She drove alone a sedan from Iran and was escorted by police from Taftan border to Lahore.
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by Rübezahl »

Apparently they started to give them out again, as one of the officials there told us a few days ago. We didn't try it yet though, because we are still waiting for our India Visa.We will update here, as soon as we know more.
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Tehran

Post by Lucius »

August 4, 2019
For German citizens it's still not possible to get the letter of no objection in Tehran if you travel via land. I've been there today, it's possible only with a flight ticket because there's an official travel warning for Balochistan so they consider the way overland too dangerous.
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