Embassy Report: Pakistan Visa in Hong Kong

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Re: Embassy Report: Pakistan Visa in Hong Kong

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Pakistan in Hong Kong below.

We summarize all info in the Pakistan visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy Report: Pakistan Visa in Hong Kong

Post by VFok »

I want to share this embassy report with everyone after I had successfully acquired a 30 Day, Single entry, valid for 3 months visa to Pakistan in Hong Kong.

I handed in:

- 2 passport photos
- filled out visa application form
- photocopy of my Hong Kong passport and HKID card
- copy of return air ticket
- personal bank statement for the past 3 months (stamped by the bank)
- reference letter from employer
- hand written travel itinerary

For the return air ticket, I only reserved the flight out of pakistan and not in and I used the free 24 hours reservation that Qatar Airways provides when you buy the plane ticket from their website. You don't have to pay anything, just click on the "Free 24 hours" reserve button when buying the ticket.

For the LOI, I got it from the guy that was suggested on Caravanistan. Didn't book a tour or anything. Just gave him the proper information and paid the money.

When filling out the visa application and writing your itinerary, avoid writing that you are going to Peshawar or anywhere in the Kashmirs or any other places deemed dangerous. Just write down you're going to Islamabad, Lahore and Taxila. I also avoided writing down I wanted to cross into India through Wahga but I'm not sure if this will affect the process or not.

The website said 6 months of your personal bank statement but 3 months is fine. Just make sure it gets stamped by the bank.

If you hand in all the proper documents with nothing missing, you can get the visa on the same day. Apply in the morning and get it back in the afternoon. No interviews or anything else.

I hold both the Hong Kong SAR passport and US passport. Because of the no third country rule, I used my Hong Kong SAR passport to apply. I have no idea if you can apply with a Chinese passport though because it doesn't say. However, it appears you can apply if you're a Taiwanese national because you can see the visa fee for Taiwanese on the webpage. It also states, "Nationals of countries other than above should contact the Consulate for their Visa eligibility, processing time and Fee." Best to call them to make sure.
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