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Kyrgyz Visa and LOI - URUGUAY Passport

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:47 pm
by danielrodriguezanza
Hey there!,
Some friends and I planning to visit Kyrgyzstan within the next months. We all are Uruguayan and for that reason we need both visa and letter of invitation to visit Kyrgyzstan. I have two doubts about the procedure to get the visa and the letter of invitation:

Q1: Regarding VOA: Is Uruguayan passport is eligible for visa on arrival at Manas Intl Airport in Bishkek? Here in Caravanistan's guidelines for Kyrgyz visa it seems like ANY country is eligible for VOA. But it is not clear to me whether this is possible or not.

Q2: Regarding the LOI: is it necessary to present the original, paper-format LOI issued by the corresponding travel agency? Or could we, say, ask for a PDF-version of the LOI, print it and present that "copy" at Manas Intl?

Thank you very much in advance! :D :D

Re: Kyrgyz Visa and LOI - URUGUAY Passport

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:19 am
by steven
I believe the copy is fine. Regqrding the VOA, I am still looking for reports. I would love to read your experiences with the new system.

Re: Kyrgyz Visa and LOI - URUGUAY Passport

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:53 pm
by Crazydre
Uruguayans are not eligible for a visa on arrival, but can get an e-visa if entering at Bishkek or Osh Airport or the Ak-jol crossing

Otherwise you need a visa in advance from the embassy