Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Vienna

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Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Vienna

Post by Chris »

Here's how I successfully applied for a one month tourist visa in August 2017 at the Pakistan embassy in Vienna (Austrian passport). I was already traveling in Central Asia so I sent my passport via DHL to a friend in Vienna (who applied for the Pakistan, China & India visa for me).

It's seemed straightforward according to the information I found online on the embassy's website ( http://www.mofa.gov.pk/austria/content. ... ID=consaus ), however, it wasn't. Note that you need to make an appointment first through their Online System. Apart from the documents mentioned on the website (filled out application form, 2 photos, passport & copy), you also need a proof of leaving the country (i.e. flight booking), hotel reservations, itinerary of your planned trip, and confirmation of your employer that you will have leave for the trip. Since I wasn't there personally they also asked for a simple, formless, signed letter allowing my friend to apply for me (=Vollmacht). Austrians DO NOT need a letter of invitation.

For me some of this was tricky so I had to be creative. Initially I told them my actual plan (entering from China and leaving Pakistan to India overland), but they insisted on a proof of me leaving the country. So I booked a (fully refundable) flight to/from Islamabad and made up a 30-day long itinerary, basically doing all the touristy stuff in the safe parts of the country (it might be clever avoiding to mention critical areas like Gilgit-Baltistan, Baluchistan etc). I also made some hotel reservations on booking.com and cancelled them afterwards. Since I had quit my job a year earlier to go traveling I didn't have an employer, so instead the embassy asked me for a bank statement showing sufficient funds - a simple copy of a current account statement will do.

Once I had all the documents together they gave my friend an appointment 10 working days later to pick up the visa. No problem there. Once you have got the visa you can enter/exit whichever way you like. Also I extended my visa while in Pakistan, which was rather simple (and free of cost for Austrians).
Enjoy Pakistan - it's an amazing place to visit!
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Vienna

Post by lukinoway »

Hi Chris,

a pretty interesting way of getting the visa (Vollmacht).

Since I'm also going there this summer, I would like to ask you some questions:
Did they ask you for an LOI?
Was there any problem when you mentioned that you are traveling overland? (planning a "fake" trip)
Were there any problems with places that were not mentioned in your "fake" trip?

kind regards
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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Vienna

Post by Django »

Thanks for this report man.
Sounds quit a hassel, especially the part of booking galse flights and hotels.
I hope someday it will be easier
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