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Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by steven »

We welcome reports and questions on the Pakistan visa extension process below.

We summarize all info at the Pakistan visa page.

Also check out the forum topic on Overstaying a Pakistan visa.
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Re: Overstaying Pakistan visa

Post by Chris »

As mentioned above, it's possible & fairly easy to extend your visa in any provincial capital. Actually, I extended mine in Chitral, which is 'only' a district capital!

Extensions can be done in ﹰChitral through the Deputy Commissioners Office (DCO), anyone in the city can tell you where it is. Theoretically they can do it the same day, however this requires all the involved officials to be there & sorting the paperwork quickly, so don't rely on it.

When I went my visa was still valid for another week, but I convinced them to extend it in Chitral since I didn't want to go through the hazzle in Peshawar. The day I applied everyone was busy because of a big political meeting, so they asked me for a short letter stating that I want an extension until XX (anything for up to 1 month is possible, the duration of my original visa), and I left it there with a copy of my passport and the visa.
A few days later I went back after visiting Kalash valley, the extension wasn't ready but they said I can get it today (I told them I have to leave the city the same day). They sent me to the Foreigner Registration Office together with a letter from DCO, and the FRO then wrote another letter confirming that all is correct which I took back to DCO. After some more waiting and a cup of tea they stamped the extension into my passport and it was done. It was free of charge (but that depends on your nationality - I'm Austrian)!

Safe travels!
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Pakistan visa extension Lahore

Post by Claudia »

We applied for visa extension in Lahore here:

4 A Sher Shah Block Near Barkat Market، Lahore, Pakistan, Visa office

Go up to the first floor. There is a waiting room. Wait until the officer tells you to go in.
Inside you apply for the extension. The guy told us, double entry is not possible. But he gave us a new reentry (single) visa valid for 6 month.
Costs: 3300 rupees.
You fill out the form he gives you and pay downstairs, additional bank fee 30 rupees (outside, there are 2 small windows).
Then you bring the receipt up to the first floor.
Next day, 15.00, we picked up the visa.
(even if the office is officially closed, show your receipt, then security allows you to enter)

You need :
- Passport copy
- Visa copy (with entry stamp)
- 2 passport pictures
- Copy of a Pakistani ID OR
LOI (written not necessarily by a official, can be a
private person) OR
a letter of a Hostel that approves that you stay at their

Office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Many people that offer copyservices around.

Friends applied visa extension in Islamabad. Seems to be more complicated and takes 10-14 days.
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Re: Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by Suheyl »

Greetings Everyone,

Please I need an URGENT ADVICE!

I am a Turkish national. I studied MBBS ( Medicine) in Pakistan from 2012-2017.

My last Visa was expired in May 14th 2018 Re-entry study visa.

As medical Education is actually of 6 years I want to return to Pakistan and Complete my internship/housejob in my University Hospital in Rawalpindi. Until this time there has been 7 months after the expiry of my Study visa.

I wanted to go to Pakistan 10 days later and today I went to Pakistan Embassy in Ankara in order to get an entry Visa.

I saw completely new staff who were not very helpful and demanded an NOC from Interior Ministry of Pakistan to process my Visa. This makes it nearly impossible for me to be in Pakistan on time for the admission deadline and interview.

Could you please help me? Can't I extend my previous Study Visa? Why is Pakistan Embassy not helping my entry into Pakistan? Do I really have to present NOC like as if I am getting admission for the first time as student, besides the bonafide certificate of my University I presented.

kind regards

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Re: Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by steven »

Sorry Suheyl, I personally don't know. Hope it works out for you.
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Peter Van
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Re: Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by Peter Van »

March 2019
Lahore Passport and Immigration office
For address and all other info, see Claudia 6 Jan 2018 post, but:

0. the extension (max. 6 months) is free, if you want 1 re-entry it costs 60 Euro for some Europeans (it is dependent on your nationality).
1. the bank is 5 minutes walking away, across the park near the market
2. at the bank you pay in Rupees (now 9500 PRK)
3. they keep your passport and give a receipt
4. waiting time is now 4 or 5 days to get passport back

Overstay of visa up to 2 weeks is free.
If you want an extension with double entry, you have to get it from the Home Ministry in Islamabad.
For a second extension you have to go to the Home Ministry in Islamabad.
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Re: Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by ahafs1 »

So I've got a question about extending my visa within Pakistan. Would I be right in thinking that if I stay beyond the actual expiry of my visa by a week or so that I wouldn't need to go to have it extended in Islamabad?

So, I have a 30 day visa, single entry. But the visa itself expires on 28th July and I want to extend my stay by approx a week. Not sure if I should just overstay the validity of the visa or have it extended officially. If I overstayed, anyone know if this would cause me any issues in the future should I wish to visit again?

Thanks guys!
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Re: Extending Pakistan visa: Q&A and reports

Post by Wobblywaves »

Hi guys

Where do we pay the overstaying visa charges in Pakistan? I read alot of info on visa extension and all that but if thesray is more than 6 months or 1 year, where exactly are the charges paid? If flying out Pakistan then is it paid at the airport? And would there be any issues with overstaying for a bit more than 1 year?
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Online Visa Extension Report

Post by benviatte »

Dear travelling world!

I haven't found any reports on online visa extensions and the current information given around seems to no longer apply. That's why I find it important to post my experience. I applied for an online visa extension in Gilgit and received it, but I went through tremendous hassle and complications. This hassle, though, can be avoided (I found out the hard way), and I'll tell you how.

I applied for an extension via their website. It cost me 20$, and they also wanted a letter of invitation from an official tour operator. I got mine through Caravanistan (https://caravanistan.com/visa/pakistan/loi/). It cost 75$, making the total price for the visa 95$. Or so I thought.

But this was my mistake: when filling out the extension form, they gave me the choice between "up to 3 months", "up to 6 months", and "up to one year". I chose "up to one year", because hell, why not? I wouldn't mind staying in Pakistan a long time and I thought I had nothing to lose. But it turns out the processing time for anything less than 6 months is 7-10 working days, whereas anything greater than 6 months is 4 weeks (working days), which means almost 2 months! (with holidays and all...)

I was not expecting to wait that long, so my current visa expired before I even got an answer for the extension. So I had to go to Islamabad and spend 3 days going from the Immigration Office to the Ministry of Interior, back and forth and back and forth, begging them to do something about it as I was now an outlaw with an expired visa. It was a very messy and exhausting process, but finally they gave me my extension, for 60 days. It came online with no need for a physical stamp.

Bottom line is, the extension process should work for you from any place in Pakistan (it is purely online with no need to visit any kind of office), but please don't choose "up to one year" unless your ready to wait 2 months for a reply!!
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