Embassy reports: Iran visa in The Hague Netherlands

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Re: iran visa without loi the hague netherlands !

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Iran in The Hague below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy reports: Iran visa in The Hague Netherlands

Post by danios »

A positive experience with Iranian Embassy in The Hague.
My girlfriend went to the embassy to apply for the tourist visa for herself and for me. Together with pre- filled in forms (from the embasy site http://iranianembassy.nl/en/consular.php?content=292 ) , copies of passports, insurance card, flight info. We paid 50 euros each for the visa and 10 euros for the delivering by mail.
3 weekdays (!) later we got the passports w/ visa back by mail!

Funny thing is although I included a new photo they used the same photo they used for my visa 2 years ago...

I wonder if more embassies have this new policy of issuing tourists visas without the LOI code. As you can see on the embassy site they even droped it from the requirements. I remember the LOI was listed there 2 years ago.
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Re: iran visa without loi the hague netherlands !

Post by bruno »

Hi, we (Dutch nationals) just applied for an Iran visa in The Hague (June 2016), specified on the form that we planned to stay in Iran for 60 days, and got a visa for 60 days. No questions asked, all very easy, and all very friendly and helpful; so no need to get a visa extension inside Iran. And also remarkable/unusual: we specified our date of arrival, and our visa validity for single entry starts from about a week before planned arrival (+ 3 months), not immediately from the date of issue + 3 months.
Thumbs up for Iran Embassy in The Netherlands!
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Re: Embassy reports: Iran visa in The Hague Netherlands

Post by Bento »

Dutch National. Had an appointment at The Hague Embassy today at 14:09. Got to the Embassy at 13:30 and was told to come back at 14:00. Went back at 13:50 and there was a queue of about 30 people.

Went inside, tried to enter my reservation number on the ticket machine but that did not work so everybody just pressed "Visa" and waited their turn. I was 11th and it took about an hour as Visa Agencies go first. Everyone was extremely friendly and the guy I spoke even spoke Dutch. Handed him my passport and visa application form from their e-Visa website. Paid €50 for the Visa and then €10 for mailing it to my home address. Wrote my address on an envelope and that was everything.

It should be posted by regular mail next week.
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Re: Embassy reports: Iran visa in The Hague Netherlands

Post by Martyn »

We (straight Dutch couple) applied for an Iran visa. We filled in the e-visa application on the website of the Iranian MFA, and went with the receipt to the embassy. Our 'strategy' was to not tell anything more than strictly required (we didn't tell them we want to go by car). The only question we got was how many days we were planning to stay in Iran. We didn't had to tell them the cities or hotels.

A week later we got the visa to stay in Iran for 30 days. No questions asked.

Be aware though that your visa's validity starts from the day they put it in your passport, and it is valid for 3 months. So, don't apply too early. You can, however, get into Iran the last day your visa is valid, and then stay in Iran for the time allowed by your visa (30 days in our case).
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Re: Embassy reports: Iran visa in The Hague Netherlands

Post by Koen »

Got mine visa today.
Applied thru the evisa site for 90 day's.
Reply with approval same day.
Went to embassy with appointment thru the embassy that was totally useless. Just go and get your number and wait. Was number 16 but only waited for half-hour.
Just gave the papers and paid €50 and waited a week.
Collect today in one minute no problems.

It is the second time I go to Iran, so maybe that's why no problem to get 90 day's
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