Embassy report : Chinese visa in Busan, South Korea

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Embassy report : Chinese visa in Busan, South Korea

Post by thomasbike »

I just asked chinese tourist visa in busan south korea via the chinese visa center.

The embassy studied my application and the next day told the agency it would take at least one month and a half instead of the regular 4 working days. So i canceled.
My korean visa would expire in one month and the embassy kept the passport. And the flight booking i gave them was also within one month so the delay they gave me was clearly not possible for me to wait.

In the past year i stayed as a tourist 6 month in turkey, 2 months in iran, 1 day in afganistan, as well as 1 month kazakstan, 2 tadjikistan, 2 kirgizistan, 8days russia

I know 2 french who successfully got the visa in seoul few weeks agol also via visa centerl. They did also stay in turkey and twice but not as long. And no iran

I know one german who successfully got it in bangkok also via visa center last november. He also stayed in turkey but not as long as i did and didnot go iran.

I know 1 french and one british who tried in bangkok few weeks ago and got the one month delay requirement from the embassy so they canceled their Application. They also stayed 2 months in turkey but no iran.

The visa center said they could deliver single entry 90 days valid 90 days, or double entries but 30 days.

Seems that the hostel booking confirmation is important only for the first few nights and not the whole trip
But the complete precise itinerary is mandatory

Beware that booking. Com confirmation email does not show your full name which is a problem for embassy.

2 computer s with printers free to use available at the visa service center in busan but not sure about copy machine
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Re: Embassy report : Chinese visa in Busan, South Korea

Post by avelolasticot »


As Thomas said we could get our chinese visa in Seoul, South Korea in February 2018. I'm lazy so I'll just copy and paste what we wrote on our website :

In South Korea you cannot get your visa directly at the Chinese embassy, the procedure is handled by the Chine Visa Center. It’s an international organization that receives your application, checks that everything is correct, and then send it to the embassy.

We got our visa done at the Chinese visa center of Seoul Square, takes 4 days for the standard procedure (55.000 Won / ~40€), or 2 with the Express service (89.000 Won, ~70€), or 0 for the Urgent one (110.000 Won, ~80€). You can get a 30 days visa with 3 months validity;

You have to submit the same usual documents (1 ID photo 22mmx48mm, passport copy, application form, plane tickets in and out, planed itinerary day per day, hotel bookings). If you need to print things, there are computers and printers at the center, just prepare some coins to put in the box if you print anything (but it’s cheap). You can make an appointment before going there, it’s supposed to decrease the waiting time but in our case we had to queue with everybody else.

We tried to apply with our boat booking (Osaka to Shanghai) but they told us it would probably not work for the embassy, so we got a plane ticket, not to take unnecessary risks. The Turkish stamps in our passports was obviously a problem (same if you have an Iranian stamps, Afghani or 2 others countries I don’t remember), we explained that we went there as tourists. It can be helpful to join a letter to your application explaining what you did in those countries. It added 1 or 2 processing days as they first asked the embassy if we could apply with the stamp, before actually applying.

There are other visa centers in South Korea, but the processing times can differ. You can contact them by email, they usually respond quite quickly.

These centers also exist in Japan but from what we’ve been told they don’t accept non-resident applications. We didn’t have to try though 🙂

Hope it helps!
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