Embassy Reports: Iran Visa in Beirut

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Re: Embassy Reports: Iran Visa in Beirut

Post by steven »

Please post questions and updates for the Iranian embassy in Beirut below.

We summarize all reports on the Iran visa page, under embassy reports.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy Reports: Iran Visa in Beirut

Post by hayat_alex »

Swiss Passport, RN from Key2persia.
Next day 50€, Same day 75€. (+50%)

The embassy is known to most Taxi drivers. (If not, they know the Kuwaiti Embassy nearby).
Keep asking for the „Safaara Iranie“ with your passport in your hand, as you pass through multiple armed, but friendly, checkpoints. You have to surrender Phone and everything digital at the entrance.
Quiet and hardly no waiting time, as locals and Syrians don‘t need a Visa for Iran. Very friendly, also english speaking staff. Extensive, but patient ink&paper fingerprinting.

Important: You need an address (any will do, if you don‘t stay at a Hotel but with someone, the name of the area or a nearby landmark suffices) and a working lebanese mobile phone number (sure you want to have one anyways).

Normaly, you‘d have to deposit the Visa Fee at a certain Iranian Bank in the Verdun area, but if you are lucky, his excellency can authorize € cash payment too and they deliver the Visa immediately, saving you a Taxi roundtrip.
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