3 day transit visa with land entry/exit

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3 day transit visa with land entry/exit

Post by Rioesmarex »

2 questions:
1) Does anyone know if it's possible to get a 3 day transit visa at the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan at either the Tejen or Chernayevka border crossings......" WITHOUT " having to apply to an embassy and submitting your passport and all the other time consuming rigarmarole ? Something similar to " Visa on Arrival " but NOT at an airport. If yes, any idea of what a 3 day transit visa would cost ? The Embassy website says $60 for U.S. citizens if you go through the embassy.
2) If such a visa is possible at the border, would a 3 day transit visa work for an entry from Kazakhstan ( Chernayevka crossing ) and exit through the same crossing to go back out. i.e. just a quick 2-3 day visit to Tashkent without having to spend $160 for a tourist visa and all the accompanying paperwork and hassle.

We are coming from the port of Aquat in Kazakhstan and are looking at either of the border crossings mentioned above although from Tejen, 3 days to transit is not really realistic.
We were going to come through Turkmenistan but their transit visa process is just as complicated and ridiculous so coming though Kasazkhstan is a better option and we don't even need visas for Kazakhstan.
All ideas appreciated
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Re: 3 day transit visa with land entry/exit

Post by Milad »

You neither can get an Uzbek visa at any land border nor can you use a transit visa to enter from and leave to the same country (that's why it's called a transit visa). You'll have to get your visa from an embassy/consulate.
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