Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Paris

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Re: Embassy report: Pakistan visa in Paris

Postby Noemiea28 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:56 pm

Hey folks, I'm gonna apply for a Pakistani visa in the next couple of weeks or so and honestly this is confusing so maybe someone can help.

How come they accept to deliver 6 months validity visa while you are providing a letter of employment + flights etc
Don't they think "Why don't you apply just a month before going?!" ?

Do they really ask for flights and hotel bookings actually?
Because, like many, I'll be going overland ...

Did you provide all the right documents guys or did you make up itineraries/bookings and cancelled them afterwards?

Thanks in advance!

(Can someone also tell me why everyone speaks english instead of their native language on those forums because anyway you need to apply for this bloody visa in your home country? )

Bisous bisous!
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