Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Delhi for French

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Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in Delhi for French

Post by Vio »

Hello all !

We recently got our Uzbekistan visa in Delhi. So I thought it might be useful for some people here to know how the process went...

First of all, we are French, so we benefit of a simplified procedure to apply for the Uzkbekistan visa.

The people at the embassy in Delhi was nicer that in a lot of other embassy. If you have questions, you can call them between 10am and 12am. Sometimes it's really quick, sometimes you need a lot of patience. Phone number: 011 2467 0774
You have to wait a little at this place. There is a bench to sit and some shadow. So it's not too uncomfortable.

The process is a little bit strange compare to other visa:
1/ we submitted our application forms to the embassy. For us: only 1 application form filled online + 1 photo + copy of passport and your Indian visa.
You have to go to the embassy Monday to Friday from 10am and 12am.
They took our forms, checked our passports inside the embassy and gave us back our passports.

That's very good to know if you want to travel when waiting for your visa...

It's not a one day delivery, they explained me that they have to send the application to Uzbekistan for verification, so it should took 1 week !

2/ After one week (actually maybe we could have go there before), I have to call the embassy to know what will be the fees. They were not able to give me the price at the moment of application.

3/ You have to go to a bank to make a deposit on the name of the application. (you have to go in a Kotak Mahindra bank branch).

4/ You go again to the embassy to give your passport and the deposit split.
5/ Then you finally can collect your visa the same day between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Be careful about the Uzbekistan visa: there is no validity date, but you have to enter in the country between 2 dates (after the date you gave for your first day of travel and before this day + 30 days). So maybe an advice: on the application form, put few days before your real dates of travel.

That was really the first time that an embassy give my passport back when i'm apply for a visa.
Hope this information can help you !!

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