Iranian visa on arrival extension in Tehran

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Re: Iranian visa on arrival extension in Tehran

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the visa extension process for visas on arrival in Tehran below.

We have a separate topic for reports about the visa extension process for embassy visas in Tehran.

We summarize all info in the Iran visa extension page.
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Iranian visa on arrival extension in Tehran

Post by naghola »

Hello! I got 30 days extension about 10 days ago in Tehran. Since I came with visa on arrival (airport visa) they told me in Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports that I should go to another office: ... 5282?hl=fi

Name of this office is Migration Police Department and it's really near Meydan-e Jahad -metro station. After this everything went just fine. We were little bit late in that office and I had to left my passport there overnight.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by zaaac »

I also extended my 30 day visa on arrival in Tehran in July, 2017.

I stupidly went to the Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports (map) which can only extend visas issued by Iranian embassies. There was a massive line waiting before it opened and once I entered it was very busy and chaotic. In the visa extension office, one of the senior officers pulled me aside to personally assist me. He spoke very good English and explained that I was in the wrong place to extend a visa on arrival issued at the airport. He told me where to go, showed me on a map, and wrote down the address in Farsi, all of his own accord!

When I got to the Migration Police Department (map) things were a bit more orderly but the bureaucracy is still pretty confusing! If you ask around people will help you out one step at a time. Once I filled out all my forms I took them upstairs to the extension office which is staffed entirely by conservatively-dressed women. Consider this when you decide what to wear and make sure you photo isn't showing too much skin (or hair for women!). They were very helpful but less friendly, but this seemed to be due to professionalism and having to adhere to certain cultural standards as civil servants rather than actual coldness. Some of the fields in the documentation I was given seemed inapplicable or confusing however they happily filled those in on my behalf. They also seemed happy to extend the visa by as much as I needed, although I had requested 10 days so I doubt you could get more than a month. They can also give you directions to the nearest Melli Bank to pay the fees. The visa extension was processed in an hour or so.
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Iranian visa on arrival extension in Tehran

Post by kiwi_travller87 »

VOA extension.

I went to the Migration Police Department today (14/05/2018) to extend my visa on arrival for 30 days.

I am a New Zealand Citizen with a e-visa on arrival. This is the immigration office for Visa on Arrival in Tehran, not the Embassy Visa location.

It was a relatively easy process.

This is what you need to do:

Ensure you bring:
1) Passport
2) Copy of passport front page
3) Copy of visa stamp and e-visa.
4) 2 x passport photo. Woman need to ensure you have a hijab/scarf on.
5) Enough Rial (375K) at time of writing.
6) Evidence of proof of stay (not Iranians house – hotel) – not necessary for me but just in case.

When you arrive you will have to pass through security and have bags scanned. You will have to check in your phone. People were friendly but ensure you smile 😊

It is a big 5 level building with lots of people so get there early. Remember its open Sat to Wed 0730 to 1345 Sat to Wed; 0730 to 1130 Thursday.

1. You will be told to go to level 5 to meet ‘Ms Arab’ – I think she is the only person who speaks good English so all foreigners go to her.
2. Go to Level 5 and meet ‘Ms Arab’. She will explain the process as below. She briefly asked me why I wanted to extend and wasn’t 30 days enough. Have an honest answer for this – I said been to the south, want to explore the north.
3. Go to Level 4 and get ID number for your passport. The Immigration officers will check your passport on the system and give you an ID number sticker for your passport.
4. Go to the Ground floor and get a Pink form (more of a folder to contain the documents) and Extension of visa form. Fill out the both forms. They ask how you fund the trip. I wrote CASH SAVINGS. Also where your host is – I wrote my hotel.
5. Go to Bank Melli down the road with the account number given to you by Ms Arab and pay for the Visa. Get the receipt. To get there, turn left as you leave the building. It is ~300m away on the opposite side of the road after the crossroad.
6. Return to Level 5. Return all the documents as well as your passport and passport photos. They will check it.
7. Return the next day in the morning and get the visa extension. I was surprised about waiting a day. If you go early you MAY be able to get it same day as I arrived in late morning and there was a few applications. This may save it being denied as per previous posts. Still seems a bit variable as to whether it gets granted or not.

The whole process will take 30-45 mins.

I was told that I could only have one extension but not sure its totally true.
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Re: Iranian visa on arrival extension in Tehran

Post by amir_arsad »

Original visa : 14 days (free-visa).
Extension received : 30 days.

We are 3 cyclists from Malaysia applied for Visa extension in Tehran at Migration Police Department, near to Meydan E-Jahad metro station.

For Malaysian Passport holder, we entitled for 14 days free visa. We only got an entery stamp in our passport once we enter Iran.

We came for the first time on Tuesday, 27/11/2018, but the officer (Ms. Arab) told us to come back again on Saturday, 01/12/2018 because we still have 5 days validity remaining.

We came back again on Saturday, 01/12/2018. We met Ms. Arab again and said want to extend our Visa. After she ask us few questions, she said our visa expired today and we must leave Iran today. She also want to see our flight / train / bus ticket going out from Iran. Then we said once again, we are traveling in Iran and come here to do visa extension. Then, she ask us if we have any supporting documents such as letter from company or embassy. We said we don't have such documents. She ask us to go and come back with Iranian friend and bring the supporting documents together. I guess, she misunderstood what we said when she asking us questions at the first place. Maybe she think that we are working here in Iran.

Luckily , we have friend live in Tehran and we came back to the office with him. Our friend explained everything and also mentioned that we are cycling around Iran. They also not asking about the supporting documents that they requested before (actually we didn't bring any supporting documents, our friend just explained everything).

We expected that the officer will give another 14 days extension only because originally we entitled just for 14 days free visa, but, unexpectedly, they gave us 30 days extension!

The payment is 435,000 Rials per person, and our Iranian friend paid it on our behalf at the counter at the 1st floor using his bank card (of course we pay back to him after that). If we unable to pay using bank card, maybe they will instruct us to make the payment at the bank.

After the process finished (the process is similar as mentiones by others in this forum), they took our passports and instructed us to come back the next day at 12.00 pm to collect the passport. We have collected our passports and got the 30 days extension.

It is advisable to ask some help from local or Iranian friends for the whole process since the officers does not understand English very well. Once you have Iranian friend assisting you, the process will be very fast and easy.
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