Uzbekistan new registration system from July 2018

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Re: Uzbekistan new registration system from July 2018

Post by Nina19 »

Julieeugenie wrote:Registration in ouzbekistan

As we didn't stay in hotels, we just went to a nice hotel (4 star) in samarcande and we asked the receptionist to register us on the official website. You can explain that he just has to click on "free tourism". He was very friendly and we just had to pay about 1€ per day. We could pay with our credit card to the receptionist. And that's it, it is really easy !
At the border they asked for the registration slips and we showed them the paper and that was good :)
So it seems important to do it but it is really easy !
I am not clear with the duration- suppose you arrived in Tashkent registered yourself in a hotel or any other place place of stay, and then decided to travel for one day plus one night to Samarkand- do you need to register yourself again for one night in Samarkand?
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Re: Uzbekistan new registration system from July 2018

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I spent 29 days in Uzbekistan and when crossing out towards Turkmenistan was asked for the registration papers, that i had decided not to do. The guy then called someone on the phone and 2 girls came. I speak good Russian and told them I was staying at people's place or in my tent, said I had vaguely heard of the self registration process but couldn't do it as I had no card and then just forgot about it. Then they called their chef, and he asked them, they asked me if I had any train tickets, which i didn't as I was hitchhiking, then she asked if I had photos of my trip. I showed her my Uzbekistan photos, then they said that the normal procedure was to give me a fine but that they would let me through, but that if I came back i should register.
Speaking Russian and the good contact I had with the girls definitely helped me get out of this, I wouldn't do it again if I was coming back to Uzbekistan though.
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