Embassy of Uzbekistan Report in Riga

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Embassy of Uzbekistan Report in Riga

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I have just applied a Uzbekistan visa in Riga. The process was so far the easiest and fastest compared to fellow travellers' experience in USA and China.

I sent a e-mail and asked how I could apply for the visa. The staff replied soon and told me I could E-MAIL my application form to him and he would submit it to MFA for approval. 4 days later I found the visa status on the e-visa site had been updated. I then went to the embassy, handed in my passport and was given a slip of paper to transfer the visa fee.

Now the most frustrating part...I went to the nearest Swedbank and they requested a passport for cash transfer. I had already waited for 2 hours and had to call my friend for help, and then it was another 1 hour wait...The counter girl told me 60 USD = 52.02 Euros, so I transfered the Euros amount to the consulate account. However, when I returned to the consulate, I was told that they only received 59.09 USD and insisted that I must transfer another 1 USD to them. It was 4 pm and I looked for 4-5 other banks but they did not offer any cash transfer service...Finally I used a online transfer website and paid another 5 USD...

All in all, just transfer 1-2 Euros more than the amount that the bank told you. Be prepared for the long queue in the bank. Bring your passport or someone else's ID. The whole process can be done in one day smoothly.
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