Report: Abkhazia visa-free from Russia during FIFA World Championship, EU passport

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Report: Abkhazia visa-free from Russia during FIFA World Championship, EU passport

Postby stehha » Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:31 am

Between 15th June to 1st August 2018 (the duration of football world championship in Russia, including games in Sochi/Adler), it is possible for all passport holders (except, as expected, Georgians) to visit Abkhazia visa free from Russia. Here is our report. One parent + one child, Finnish passports, multi-entry Russian visa. Possible with football fan-id, too.

Entrance to Russian border station at ~9.30 am. Pedestrians enter from the old road (end Ylitsa Urozhaynaya). Easy to reach by city bus. Contrary to some previous reports, virtually no lines. When entering the border complex, the guards ask whether we have a fan id or visa and check from our passports that the visa is multiple (or double) entry. Exiting Russia normal passport control, plus a secondary check in the side room - basically a very detailed technical screening of the passport (to detect forgery?), several similar screenings ongoing in the same room. No additional questions. Immigration cards taken as always when exiting Russia. No stamp in passport.

Walk across the new bridge to Abkhazia. The Abkhazian officials ask whether we are a part of an organised tour (no), ask where we are going and engage in some friendly chat and welcome us. No stamps, no forms, just passports back. The marshrutka station is next to the border station, marshrutkas to different locations leave when full. Some taxi drivers offering drives, no pressure, in general relaxed atmosphere.

Back around 6 pm. Again very short lines (~5 people ahead of us in one of several lines on the Russian side). On the Abkhazian side a cursory look at passports and nothing else. On the Russian side a standard passport check, entry stamp "Adler" in immigration card (printed out by the immigration officer, no need to complete one yourself), no stamp in passport.
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Re: Report: Abkhazia visa-free from Russia during FIFA World Championship, EU passport

Postby jelger » Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:00 pm

Thanks for the report.
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