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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby rodarpelmon » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:36 am

I have to rectify!!!
At pick up time we got our passports with chinese visa printed and stamped in. But without seal and signature, with crossed black lines. They said it was cancelled without reason at first, and after 5 minuts discussing trying to know the reason they were unclear, the invitation letter was not correct... telephone contact nobody answered, signature and seal was not clear... all of that after being check every document at applying time (everything correct) and paid for the visa (no money back!!!)
The result is that we lost the consular fee (80$) and must apply again through a local agency.
Thanks for reading and sorry for this explanation in my basic English.

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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby rodarpelmon » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:39 am

Hi Thomas,
For how many days did you aplly your visa?
How long is your trip and when it is starting?
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby Thomas_HH » Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:20 am

We applied for an normal tourist visa - for 30 days.

We are already in Pakistan now, china blocked the whole caravanistan website, otherwise I could have replied earlier. We startet on 16th of September and exited on 21st on Kunhjerab Pass. To be honest, we were very relieved to be out of that country!

Good Luck and happy travels!
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby Fluzz » Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:28 pm

Sorry that it didn't work for Rodarpelmon, I hope you found a solution eventually. Following their method did work for me (Australian) soon after but I'm not sure how long the queue list from the previous evening will keep working. I think whoever initiated the list first needs to bring it early in the morning or arguments arise. In any case the processing is fairly fast so if you get your name on the list before 8am, you should get in eventually. There was also a shorter faster list for passport pickup only, before 9am should do.

Most important document other than passport seems to be legitimate LOI. In summary for typical tourist, you need passport, v2013 application form (e.g. get from Chinese embassy website of your home country), flight booking/itinerary, hotel bookings, 2 photos of special size. I also submitted bank balance and travel insurance but I don't think they are needed.

Note single entry visa 1 month stay only and must enter no later than 1 month after visa application date (not when they actually issue it). Normal service takes 5 working days. Manas 40 is able to get you a somewhat limited double entry visa.

After your documents are first checked and stamped, go to 2nd counter to submit and get receipt to take to KICB bank to pay, collect at 1st counter when you come back. 3rd counter is for Chinese citizens.

When you know the process it is actually not too hard. If using agent I recommend Serik in Almaty, cheaper, faster and less queueing (email him before you get to Almaty). If you are prepared to wait in Tashkent, you can also diy there I believe without the crowds.

Btw, Chinese Consulate in Osh still not equipped to work with visas.
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby cyclolenti » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:41 pm

Hello Fluzz,
We would like to apply for visa by our own. Did you also do everything by yourself? Just few questions:
-LOI was in original and from who did you get it? If you have can, could you post or link the form you used?
- hotel and flight you book and cancelled all by yourself, and for how many days you did the hotel reservation? For the whole month or just for the first week?

Thank you for the precious info
Let us know as soon as possible, we are thinking to apply in one week.

Marco and Tiphaine, cyclolenti
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby Fluzz » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:06 pm

Hello Marco, Tiphaine,

Yes I applied myself without an agent (but with lots of help from this forum), almost. The LOI I actually got from Serik, the agent in Almaty but when I used him that time the Almaty embassy stopped issuing visas for a month. So since I paid for the LOI, I decided to use it by applying myself instead of again paying for an agent and LOI.

Yes LOI was original express mailed from China. If you know someone in China, there is an official form on the internet somewhere (like some Chinese embassy sites) for them to write one for you, but a private invite may take longer and attract more scrutiny. You can get LOI from the agents or travel agents in Bishkek, especially if you book a tour or something, but I don't know exactly who. Just make sure the inviter is contactable and valid, that seemed to be the problem with Rodarpelmon's invite. If you are in Almaty, Serik's fee wasn't that much and he gets you in the embassy quick.

The posters who were successful earlier in this forum can perhaps recommend their LOI issuer.

Hotel bookings I booked using for whole month, it's easy enough. Flight I only printed entry and exit itinerary from Expedia (had my name and flight details). Maybe I was lucky but it didn't matter that it was not a confirmed booking. From what I gather it seems the flight booking is not critical eg you MAY even be able to get in by honestly saying you are cycling or driving but you need a clear itinerary. Of course it's simpler to show you will fly in and out.

Good luck.

PS. From my experience and meetings with other travellers in the last few months in Central Asia, Chinese visa is obtainable in Tashkent, Bishkek, Almaty and Iran, taking about 1 week but now all single entries are 30 day stays and 1 month to enter (from application date).
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby cedric » Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:02 am

I tried to apply this morning for a tourist visa with a private LOI but without success. Someone I know in China wrote it me with the help of the official form. She gave me too his passeport copy and resident permit copy and I got all the documents to apply (bank statements, flights booking, hotel bookings...)

I went yesterday at 8:30 to the embassy to put my name on the list but there were nobody. The guard told me to come back tomorrow, I just lost time. Today I came at 6:15 and I was 3 on the list. In fact there was no list at this time, I started it. At 9:00 I didn't see the list but I think we were 50 maximum. I had known I would have come at 8:00.

I was one of the first to entry in the building. The guy that I spoke with spoke good english, no problem to understand each other. He checked first my application form, my flight and hotel bookings and then my LOI. He told me that it's not possible to apply with a letter of invitation of a particular, I need a LOI of an agency. In the LOI my invitee wrote that we are friend and the employee told me that it's not enough. Maybe it could work if it's someone of your family who write the letter but it's even not sure.

When I asked him why I need a LOI of a agency instead of mine he couldn't really explain me. The answer was :"it's the rule". The problem is that the rules change every morning in this embassy. I insisted and he gave me the worst and most stupid answer : "in chinese ambassies of another countries it could maybe work with your LOI but not here." What a logic!!!

I'm really disappointed right now. As I don't wan't loose money to get a LOI in agency I will try in Almaty with this LOI. Who knows what will hapen...
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Re: Chinese visa in Biskek

Postby Adorjan » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:06 am

Hi All,

I just want to share here our successful visa story in Bishkek.
I arrived to this country from Tajikistan and want to do the Karakoram highway with my bicycle. First I tried to get visa in Osh but I was told here is only possible to local kirgiz people. So I jumped in a taxi and went to Bishkek (1200 som). I was in hurry, the winter is coming to the Himalayas.
At the chinese embassy which was difficult to find ( 42°49′26.4″N 74°34′46.26″E ) the operator guy behind the glass was nice and polite . He told me that I need a ticket to Chine, hotel reservation and photo. I also asked the transit visa. It has the same price (40$) but it is valid only for 3 days which would not enough for me.
As I started on my way back to the city, an agent girl came to me and helped me what to do. She offered me much better prices what I read here.the normal visa was 80$ the fast 115$.
Because in Karakoram the weather is already cold, I almost cancelled everything and bought a ticket to New Delhi for 200$ .But in the last minute I changed my mind.
So the point is that I ask this agent on Tuesday to apply for the tourist visa and on Friday I got it!
Btw my photo was not accepted because my face was "to close". In the city I made an another one for 100 som.

If you are interested in this agent:
[email protected]
0557 60 00 16
Bishkek, Manasa str 101/1 3.floor 410
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Re: Chinese visa in Bishkek

Postby steven » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:17 am

Here is what I got recently in my inbox

I wanted to apply by myself at the embassy in Bishkek, as I had read reports from other travellers that this was possible. I always try myself first.

Anyway, on my third visit (first: come back tomorrow; second: no visa services today) I learned that you first have to show up early in the morning (or the evening before, or whenever) to get your name on a list and then come back in the evening to check if your name is on said list. If it is, you can come back the next day to apply. All applications are processed very slowly and so there is a lot of waiting involved. If you do not speak Russian or Kyrgyz it will be a challenge. I have heard mixed reports about whether as a foreigner you will get a visa this way - I decided not to spend my time here, even if this ruined my Europe to China overland trip.

I then contacted a number of travel agencies / professionals recommended on various blogs to see what they could do for me. I also contacted Kyrgyz Concept and received the following response from Saltanat Koshoeva, Visa Service Manager, by email: "Unfortunately we stopped to do such service due to the difficulties of getting Chinese visa in Bishkek."

I finally managed to talk to Dinara Aitmambtova, who works together with Gulsara (office on Manas 40/room 200) and she offered to arrange for an airport visa for 180 USD plus 20 USD for an LOI, which she then waived. It would take about 5 days and I needed to hand in the money, a copy of my passport and a ticket into China.

It seemed a straightforward procedure but I was rejected, twice even, despite an LOI from a genuine Chinese friend who I was genuinely going to visit and a ticket back home from Taipei, added to my file for the second try. Dinara mentioned that since May it was becoming increasingly difficult for Kyrgyz citizens to obtain Chinese tourist visa as well. She offered to try again in two weeks through another company but I decided to change my plans and I received the 180 USD back.

Long story short: forget Bishkek if possible, unless you have loads of time to waste at an embassy. Chances are very slim at the moment, even for airport visa.
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Re: Chinese visa in Bishkek

Postby Hélène » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:36 pm

Hi !
I confirm the last post, 200% !
We are in Kirgizstan since 1 month and a half now, desesperatly trying to do this chinese visa, to pass by the land (cause we arrive from france by hitchhiking, don't want to take the plane for one border !!).
Every agencies say it's impossible to pass by the land : now they give you the visa when you go out of the plane in china, also no way to give a fake airplane ticket, since february/march. We've been at the chinese ambassy (put name on the list and blablabla), at Kyrgyz concept, saw the mysterious Mrs Liu...etc.
We finally found an agency who really try to do something to help us (since more than 1 month), we had to advance 100$ to start the procedure, knowing that if it doesn't work they can't return back our money.
We are still waiting for an answer.... but even if it works (we don't believe anymore...), i won't recommend to anyone to do it here for the moment.
We gonna try to get a russian transit visa to go from Kazakhstan to mongolia, and there... try again !

If someone is interested i'll inform you about the end.
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