Afghan Visa in Bishkek

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Report: getting an Afghan visa in Bishkek

Post by SPR11 »

Getting an Afghan visa in Bishkek is surprisingly easy, if you can find the embassy. It's hidden away on Zhukeev Pudovkin (Жукеева Пудовкина), near the intersection with Drujby street. The more major Gorky (Горький) street is only a couple of blocks away. Marshrutka 212, which leaves from Osh Bazaar, stops around the corner of the embassy.

The embassy is only open for consular services on Tuesday and Thusday. Apply between 09:00 and 12:00 and pick up between 14:00 and 15:00.

To apply for an Afghanistan visa you need:
A photocopy of your passport
A photocopy of your Kyrgyz entry stamp/visa
A filled-in visa application form (you’ll get the form at the embassy)
Two passport size photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
A rough itinerary listing places you’ll be visiting, and the names and addresses of some hotels you’ll be staying in. No booking necessary.

All business is conducted outside the consulate, you won't be allowed to enter.

The costs for a visa are $70 for Dutch (and other mainland EU) citizens, $120 for British citizens and $160 for American citizens. Express service is $50 extra. Payments are made at the National Bank of Pakistan, located on Moskovskaya Street (Московская Улица). Normal service takes nine days, express service takes one day.

Make sure to come early if you wish to apply for express service. If you hand in your proof of payment on the day you apply, you can pick up the visa the next day., even if the embassy states it doesn't operate on those days.

See ... yrgyzstan/ for a more detailed description and a map with the embassy's location.
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Re: Afghan Visa in Bishkek

Post by VFok »

Everyone, the Afghan embassy had MOVED! As of January 11, 2017, the current address of the embassy is Chehova 28. It is located close to the intersection of Gorky St. and Chehova St. It took me over 2 hours just to find the embassy because nobody knew where it was because it had moved very recently.
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Re: Afghan Visa in Bishkek

Post by materazzi »

UPDATE May 2018:

Afghanistan embassy in Bishkek has moved again! Go to Baitik Baatyr 3/2 and then through tunnel and You can see Hungary Embassy. Afghanistan new embassy is next one behind the fence. You will need letter from your embassy, but as I told there are no Estonian consular in the area they agreed to give me visa after half an hour chat about Afghanistan problems. I told them that I will visit only Mazar and Balkh and wrote letter that I am aware of security situations. Paid 130 dollars in Pakistan bank and got my passport back next day.

Didnt found Almaty topic, but after friendly discussion they refused to give me tourist visa. They asked LOI, embassy letter and criminal record. I guess if you have one of them you might me lucky.

My overall experience in those two embassies were good. Warm welcome, but they politely explained that they dont want to give tourist visas for security reasons. My suggestion is wont try without your embassy letter.
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Re: Afghan Visa in Bishkek

Post by timster »

We went to the Afghan Embassy two days ago.
The guy was very friendly and wanted to go us a visa. The only thing they needed was a criminal record paper for a Turkish Passport (Turkish Embassy is giving it for free) and a Booking for a German Passport.
2 days for 130USD.

After telling him that we will cross the border with our car he told us we need to either that the Visa in Usbekistan or Tajikistan, because it will be writen in the Visa.
He ensured us they will give us a Visa.

... In Shallah they will :-)
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