Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Radelman »

Mellat Bank moved to another place just a few days ago. Can happen that the embassy still give you the old address.
The new address is: Tumanyan Street 5a.

Just walk in, draw a number and pay at the counter when your number get called. Due to this procedure what can take time it's really advisable to pay in advance before paying a visit at the embassy. Otherwise it's hard to reach all in only two hours.

Use the application form posted above.
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December 2016; Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Twotone »

The process here can be frustrating. The Embassy isn't too far from the center of town but it's still a little difficult to get to. I believe mashroots 23, 13, 37 and 259 all go from the center to close to the embassy but i couldn't find the right bus stops.

Despite my best efforts I could not find out he to pay or how much in advance. I was first in line at 2:00 (still Mon, Wed and Fri until 4:00). No one arrived until 2:15 and several people were called in front of me. At 2:45 they told me how to pay. €100 for an Australian for 7 days or €150 for the next open day. There was a taxi driver waiting to take people to the bank for 1000 each way. Well worth it rather than missing the 4:00 deadline. We got back in time but it was a nervous hour.

If you can find the price for your visa you can pay at the bank without needing an account information. Just tell them it's for an Iranian visa and how much you'll pay. So much better to pay in advance rather than running from and back to the embassy during the narrow window of opening hours.

The people in the embassy were very nice but not very helpful. I went in person the day prior and they still wouldn't even tell me how much my visa was or that account details weren't necessary
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Boubou »

We applied for two Iranian visas on 13th February in Yerevan, and got them one week letter on 20th February, with two French passports.
We asked for LOI via Key2Persia, they were efficient and helpful, but it was impossible to pay them via PayPal. We have to pay in Iran, either in one of their agencies or in a bank. Key2Persia recommended to call the embassy before applying for the visa, in order to confirm that our LOI were arrived, but it was a waste of time and money. Each employee we got by phone was unable to tell us if our invitation letter were here, and our calls were rejected. Quite frustrating.
Eventually, we decided to go to the Embassy without any confirmation. We paid 50$ in advance to the Mellat bank: no account information needed. When we arrived to the desk with our backpacks, they immediately understood we were coming for paying the Iranian embassy.
Then you can take marshrukta in front of the Opera to reach the Embassy.
At the Embassy, no problem: 50$ were enough, and our LOI were here.
Thanks for all your tips!

Last things: there is still free cakes. We are two girls: we prefered to give one ID photo with the head covered by a scarf, but we didn't enter the embassy with one.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by cherishka »

Does anyone have any recent update for getting an Iranian visa in Yerevan or at the border?
Is the Key2persia LOI still needed? I'm a Hong Kong passport holder and VOA is eligible.
I will be making the border crossing in May and just want to see if anything within this couple of months! Thank you!
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by ave-phil »

I was there yesterday. As a ukrainian I steel need authorisation code. As I'm over-lander hitch-hiker I'll try to get visa on arival on Meghri boarder.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by ave-phil »

Due to shifty situation with getting VOA on boarder between Armenia and Iran I decided to get visa in usual way thought tour operator. All thanks for Caravanistan form and discount that it gives. Guy from key2persia was really helpful and when it was impossible to pay via paypal he let me pay when I will be in Iran and made the reference code without money.
When reference code was done I failed to get know if it comes to the embassy before paying them a visit. I don't know but workers In Yerevan embassy can't say if reference code is received or nit. It is strange. So don't waste money and time if you applying in Yerevan.

In embassy I was asked:
1. Reference number
2. Copy of first page of my passport
3. one photo
4. application form
5. insurance

They don't look through the document really patiently. Any insurance will be enough. I have bought one for 3 EUR and it was OK.
When all documents was shown, I was told to pay 60 EUR for a one month visa in Mellat Bank (Tumanian 5a street). I asked, if I pay 50 EUR, would it be enough, but embassy worker insist that I have to pay 60 EUR. To get in time and apply in one day I have to take a taxi in both ways. From the start taxi driver say, that 2000 dram is the price. But after short bargin it becames 1500 dram.

One advice. If you have smart phone, you can install an application called Yandex Taxi. And using that app you will pay, estimately 1000 dram. It is very cheap taxi in some cities of post soviet union. But I don't have smartphone, so I paid more.

Unpleasant thing is that I didn't know how much as ukrarian I have to pay, so I can't pay in advance.
All process including riding to the bank and getting back took one hour and I will get my visa in a week.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Anonymous1 »

We are two Irish passport holders who have successfully applied for a 30 day visa as part of our cycling tour in early June 2017.

Key to Persia provided us with a letter of invitation within 10 working days and were always on hand to answer any questions we had promptly via email.

We then applied in the embassy on a Friday and collected our visas on Monday having paid €75 each. Had we paid the standard €50 per head it would have taken a week as opposed to the weekend. The lady working behind the application desk was pleasant to deal with as was the security guy. The man working behind the application desk seemed less friendly.

If you want to make sure you get it as fast, be sure to pay in the Iranian bank in the city centre BEFORE you go to the embassy which is about 4km from Republic Square.

A taxi to town from the embassy (or vice versa) should cost 1000 dram, maximum 1500. We got quoted as much as 7000 so beware!

Good luck and safe travels.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by sachav »

I applied for a visa at the Yerevan embassy in May, with a French passport. The process went as follows:

1/ Request for LOI through Caravanistan website. Took 10 days (including the day I sent the request), went very smoothly.

2/ A couple of weeks later, on a Friday I went to the embassy in Yerevan. Without calling ahead (I was in yet another country then). They had received the LOI.
- Before the embassy, I had been to the Mellat bank. Paid 75 € for express service. Took me 15 minutes to wait, request payment and pay. Went smoothly too.
- At the embassy, 5 people were there before me (I arrived at 14:15). The lady at the desk took my documents and said goodbye: passport copy, proof of payment at the bank, photos (with scarf even though I had some without too, as she said "these ones you can only use in Iran, the other ones you can use elsewhere", so not sure whether the scarf was necessary or not), proof of insurance (had asked my credit card insurance for a letter explicitely stating Iran and repatriation insurance), completed form. The whole process laster less than half an hour.

3/ On Monday afternoon, I went back to the embassy and got my visa in 5 minutes.

All was very efficient. The only thing is, it is hard to find official information about visa prices depending on its passport. Myself, I bet on 75€ for express service as a French passport holder, and it worked.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by tatterdemalion »

Most of this is just confirmation of previous posts. However two points to note is that it is not possible to obtain multiple entrance visas (for tourists), and also that three staff incorrectly confirmed that the embassy would be open on the Iranian public holiday (Eid-e-Ghorban/Feast of Sacrifice).

LOI in 10 working days from K2P.

Arrived early to double check price for expedited visa for Australian passport - friendly staff were not able to help though as only those starting at 2pm knew the price. They stated they would not be closed on Friday for the public holiday.

Took the chance and prepaid €150 at Mellat anyway.

First in line at the embassy and was called up at 2:05, but only got to me after some discussions, two phone calls and some serious stapling, so it was more like 2:15. They then couldn't seem to find/confirm my RN (my copy wasn't enough). Told to wait. Fifty minutes later I was called up again and handed over the payment slip. Told to come back Friday 2pm. Again told they would be open.

Friday: Arrive and there is a sign covering the opening hours in Persian and Armenian but has the current date on it - guessed it was stating it's closure for the public holiday... Still not open at 2:15pm. Growing annoyed that I'd paid €50 extra for only two days difference. Italian guy tries other intercom at front, "Closed" only response. Managed to head off one of the staff members exiting the front of the building that begrudgingly helped by yelling into the intercom. Five minutes later the passports were brought to the door. So keep trying if this happens to you.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by cyclinghoboz »

Hi guys here is our experience in trying to get the visa in Yerevan and why we decided to get it then in Tbilisi as it was much easier. Hope this helps.
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