Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by georgestravelsasia »

I applied today, Friday. French passport. Here is how it went.

Got my reference number from Key2Persia in 6 working days. Perfect service.

Embassy only takes applications from 2 to 4 pm on Mon Wed and Fri. The sign at the gate says the old opening hours (9-13) but dont get confused. Just ring the door and it will open. Went there with :

Receipt for payment from Mellat Bank (5a Tumanyan) - 75 euros for express service.
Insurance certificate (it was asked) bought for 14 usd at Tatev travel agent near Mellat bank (see below for more info)
Passport photocopy
Photo (3.5 by 4.5)

Got a number. Waited 15 min for other 4-5 people to be done. Lady spoke decent English. She was a bit confused that I did not know my reference number and it seemed a bit difficult for her to find me in the list (it was quite long and it seemed she had limited experience with foreign names). She found me though. Make it easy on her and print the pdf from Key2Persia.

Filled the form, she was nice to check and correct (I did not know the name of the border crossing with Armenia).

Was told to come back on Wednesday. I said please I paid for express service and all people who applied here before told it meant next open day (Monday in my case). She said no next 2 days, that means Wed (no visas on Tue and Thu). I said is it ok if I come back on Monday to check and she said why not.

Will let you know what happens on Monday :)

Went to the embassy today (Monday), got a number, waited my turn, showed the receipt. The lady said "your receipt says Wednesday" and I asked if she could check maybe it is already processed. 5 min later passport handed with Visa. Iran, here I go :)

All and all, if you can apply in Tbilisi do it, as I heard its easier cheaper faster (50 euro same day no insurance)

Some more info :
I had bought travel insurance (they do ask for it, and as I read above they wont be fine with you saying you will get it at the border) from Tatev travel agency ( Its 5 min away from Mellat Bank (the bank where you have to deposit the money for the visa fee). Insurance is tailored for the visa application (6 month validity, 30 days coverage), 6600 AMD (roughly 14 usd as I speak, although they asked for drams). I had audited another agent offering 18 usd, others I found online started from 22 usd. Off topic, Tatev travel agency also make MoFA reference number for 35 euros. If you dont have paypal for Key2Persia and dont want to ask a friend's paypal, its pretty good, otherwise I can only recommend to use Key2Persia and support caravanistan at the same time.

As for transport, 5 min walking from Mellat to Rep Square 5 min metro to Barekamutyun (3 stations north) and 15 min walk to the embassy.

If you need to print photos, theres a print shop next to Barekamutyun metro. its on the basement level, big XEROX sign.
60 dram for a 10 by 15 glossy (can easily fit 6 id photos on that, even the big ones for indian visa). 100 dram extra charge if you dont have it on a pendrive.

Also for Key2Persia I didnt have paypal, no credit cards, and my friends are all hobos who barely know paypal exist. I opened a bank account in 15 min and got a VISA card for 1 Lari in Tbilisi (TBC Bank). The card was to be picked up 2 days later. I put the money on it, made the payment, closed it 2 days later, they didnt budge :D You need a passport from a privileged enough country (EU, Turkey was fine, dont know about others) and a local phone number (Geocell give free sim cards at any of their offices, also need a passport there).

There was an issue with Key2Persia where their paypal payment page didnt show my paypal-linked debit card. I emailed them and they sent an invoice to my paypal address 10 min later, problem solved.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Arrakis »

End of April 2108
With my wife we came to embassy with receipt from mellat bank, 75euro each, on the window friendly lady said that we need to go to the bank but we did it before which surprised her, she asked why we didn't match before that we want emergency visa, we said we didn't know about it, so she replied to wait 10 minutes.

And after it we got our visas in passport, easy peasy :)
No need for photos, insurance, scans neither asking in advance for invitation letter. Just passport and bank paper.
Guess all previous reports lose their meaning now.
BTW, it's possible to get insurance for 1000 drams for 3days in tatev agency.
Yerevan visa to Iran fast and easy
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Holavelo »

June 15. 2018

Here a short rundown of how we got our iran visa in Yerevan. (Liechtenstein Passport):

ONLINE APPLICATION (free): We applied online for the visa to be issued in Yerevan on the official 'e visa' site, about 2 weeks earlier. The status has been on 'verification' since then and probably would never have changed...

So we went to the embassy on monday morning with status still uncertsin. Visa hours are 2-4 am, but since we only wanted infos, they kindly let us in. The friendly lady checked our passports and told us we'd be notified by email once our visas were approved by the ministry in iran. We recieved confirmation by mail the next day!

VISA: If we would have paid at mellat bank before going back to the embassy on wednesday, they would have issued the visa on the spot (as described by Arrakis above).

As we didnt know the price (60 €, express w/ liechtenstein passport), we had to do the routine described by others: go to mellat bank, pay, come back to embassy for pick up. We came back before 4 and got our visas.

DOCUMENTS: She asked about insurance, but didn't want any proof. Nothing else needed if you applied online.

TRANSPORT: Bus Nr. 13 heading west (real bus, not marshrutka) runs from along Sayat-Nova Avenue (1 block north of Tumanyan Street where Mellat bank is) to Komitas Av. (100 Dram). ....and back. Easy and convenient. It takes about 20-30 min though. Taxi is 1'000 but faster.

PAYMEMT: Even though they quote prices in Euro, payment can be made in Dram or by card. Rates @ Mellat Bank seemed reasonable.

Hope this helps. 🤘
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by waltereegho »

Belgian passport. I applied online through the official website. My application was "pending verification" for 3 weeks until I went to the Yerevan embassy on Monday, where the clerk told me she would get it approved. Sure enough, the next day my application was confirmed (I did not receive an email - it makes sense to manually check the site using the application tracking number). I transferred 75 euro at the Mellat bank and returned to the embassy on Wednesday, where I promptly received my visa sticker. No additional documents or photos were requested. Insurance was asked for but no proof necessary.

I can confirm that the embassy opening hours are Mon-Wed-Fri 14:00-16:00. Actual opening time depends on the guard's return from his lunch break. The embassy staff were very friendly.

For those who prefer to walk, you can take the escalator up the Cascades and walk ~20min from there.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by MarieEmilie »

Hi everyone !
Thank you for all the advices. I will apply for the iranian visa next week in Yerevan (already got my reference number from Key2Persia, 35$, received the next day after I made the payment).
Could someone confirm that it costs 50€ for a normal process time for a French passport (or I guess all EU citizens) ?
Also, do they keep your passport at the embassy during the process or you can take it back with you and just bring it back when you come back after a week ? As I want to visit Nagorno-Karabakh in the meantime, I will need to keep my passport.
Thank you !
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by MarieEmilie »

And I forgot about another question, has a woman ever applied with a photo with NO headscarf for the visa in Erevan ? I ve been to Iran already 3 years ago and I didn t have to wear a headscarf on the picture, everything was fine without it, but I don t know if the rules are the same in all embassies (I applied in France at that time)
Thank you
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by MarieEmilie »

This is my experience at the Iranian Elbassy in Erevan. (French passport)
I went first to pay the express service visa at the Mellat Bank, 75 € (I paid in armenian dram).
Then, at the iranian embassy, I took a number, but they didn't call the numbers, only call the people directly. I gave my passport and the proff of payment. Then, litterally 5 minutes later, the employee called me by my name and handed me my passport with the visa on it ! Such an express service !
There was a group of german people with me at the same time and they get their visas as easily and quickly as I did.
Not any other documents needed.
I got my reference number from Key2Persia about 2 weeks before.
As for public transportation, the Mellat Bank is 10 min walk from the metro Republic Square, from there you can walk to the Opera, and behind it you have a bus stop (on Place de la France) you can take either marshrutka 4 or bus 259, ask for Komitas Shuka, they drop you just 2 min walk from the embassy.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by merschmi »

So here is our experience with Austrian passports:
We went there with all the stuff that mentioned in the other posts before except the insurance paper. We paid 50€ in advance (just guessed). There were 3 men (spoke just a few words english). I gave them our passports, the reference number from key to persia (worked perfect, got our permission on day after applying) and the paper that said that we already paid. That’s it. They told us to come back on wednesday (we were there today, monday) to get the visa. I asked twice because I didn’t pay for the express visa and don’t want to go there several times if they mixed something up. He said again wednesday. Really easy peasy :-)
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Hil&Auk »

Hi all,

Dutch citizenship.

That easy peasy seems not to work anymore.
This is what we did. Applied through e-Visa site to pick up the Visa in Tbilisi. After 4 weeks 'waiting for verification' we went to the embassy in Tbilisi. They mentioned our bicycles outside ;( and said they will start the procedure and it will take 5-10 days with 80% chance to get the Visa. So we asked to pick it up in Yerevan to move on. That was fine. after 4 days we got rejected. "Apply through a host in Iran".. So we did the next day, an Iranian filled in the e-Visa and wrote down that he's our host" After 5 days we went to the embassy of Yerevan. They said come back Monday.. Don't worry. "Can we pick up the Visa Monday?" "Maybe, maybe not. Come at 14h, so you have the time to pay. And return before 16h."
So there we were, travelling back to Yerevan. Both rejected again, my boyfriend seemed to be rejected on Friday already. With us many rejected people; Danish, rejected 2x. German rejected 3x?, German couple rejected. French guy rejected. We don't know if any one got a Visa at all. There was no reason, no explanation given whatsoever. Not even with an Iranian translator.

They advised to go to a specific travel agency. There they said; once in the e-Visa system, you need to get out/ stop procedure otherwise we can't do anything either.

Now we read here two contradicted messages; can or can't we now get a Visa on arrival??!! so in case we will fly.
Please let us know!

I didn't read many stories about rejections. Did something change since beginning of November? doesn't seem they want any tourists in stead of millions...!

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by DavidK93 »

I wanna ask for Iranian visa in Yerevan (I am Slovak citizen). I already asked for RN (key2persia), so next days i will go to embassy. I have 2 questions
1. Is necessary fill up application form online, or have i do it in embassy?
2. I would like to pay visa fee before coming to embassy and i read that it possible to do in Mellat bank near to Republic square but where can i find bank account number?

Thank you for answer.
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