Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by steven »

1. You can but you do not have to
2. With the current news about rejections I would not pay in advance for my visa. Best to get the go-ahead first, then pay.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by man-u »

Visa for 4 persons, German passports. Grant notice numbers from key2persia/caravanistan. The lady at the embassy didn't want to have anything else apart from our passports and the payment slips from mellat bank. No insurance, no form, no pictures, no passport copies. We were finished after just 5 minutes. Paid 50€ per Visa, ready for pickup two days later. Very easy!
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Murilo Tomasoni
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Post by Murilo Tomasoni »

I hope this helps:
Got the GN in 2 working days from KEY2PERSIA and I went to the Embassy in Yerevan today (Wednesday - September 11th) with only GN printed and PASSPORT at 10:30.
They did not ask for photographs, insurance (you are supposed to buy it in the border) or to fill the online form.
They gave me the card with address of MELLAT BANK. I went there and paid 50 Euro (75 Euro if you want the visa at the same day) and TURNAROUND is 2 days.
I came back at 2pm to the Embassy with receipt, the nice lady there give me other receipt and kept the bank receipt and told me to go back 2 DAYS LATER in the AFTERNOON
I guess if I insist maybe I could have the Visa next day!
You can try!
All people in Embassy very nice!!!
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