Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby ivars » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:26 pm

So, after not getting any answers from Tbilisi, we just got our Iran visas today in Yerevan.
We got the reference number through a company called Persia Travels, in about two weeks time.

The we went to the embassy to Yerevan on 4th March, handed in the papers, each of us paid 50Eur in Iranian bank at the city center, then we went back to the embassy on the next day (did not have the time to go back on the same day - consular section works until 13:00). And now we got our visas today :)
Everything was pretty straightforward and easy.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby Kierunek-Wschod » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:49 am

Hey everyone interested!
I just got the 30-day tourist visa to Iran in Yerevan - almost hassle-free. I got the visa authorisation number from Touran Zamin (they were quick and efficient, but try to avoid paying them with Western Union - the transfer was cancelled "due to high risk" (?!?!), and the service at WU is as bad as it can be, I had to figure out another way to pay the agency). Once I got the confirmation that my authorization number is waiting in Yerevan, I went to the embassy early in the morning. An extremely friendly and helpful elderly lady at the visa counter #3 made the process stress-free. NO HOTEL BOOKINGS WERE NEEDED - as a place of stay in Iran, I only wrote "Tehran", and this was sufficient. Have a recent photo too, she wasn't too happy with mine from 2 years before, so I gave her the fresh one - much better!

After filling the application form, attaching ONE photograph, I was told to go to the bank Millet, next to the Ministry of Energy on the Republic Square, and paid 75 EUR to have the visa done for next morning (as the consular section of the embassy closes at 13:00, you won't have it done on the same day). So I went to the bank, paid as instructed and returned to the embassy with the proof of payment. Then I left the documents (passport, application form, 1 photo, copy of insurance and copy of passport). I came back next morning and the visa was ready. You have 3 months to get to the Iranian border, and from that moment onwards the visa validity period starts counting (30 days for me) - quite convenient!

TIME&MONEY SAVING HINT - as the embassy is closer to the outskirts of the city than to the center, while the Millet bank is in the very center - before going to the embassy, go to the bank first and pay the required fee. Just say that you want to pay XX EUR to the Iranian embassy for the visa (depending on nationality, I'm Polish so I paid 75 EUR for next-day service - check earlier how much it would cost you). With the receipt from the bank in your hand go to the embassy ONLY ONCE, and leave the required application documents. This will save you 2x1000 AMD for taxis from the embassy to the bank and back, plus about 1-1,5 hours for travelling by cab.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby Rapp Scallion » Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:42 am

I got my Iranian transit visa (7 days, non-date specific) in May 2015. It took a week to process and the cost was 40 Euros (German passport), though they offered me to pay, I think, 60 Euros if I wanted it to have the next day.

I can confirm everything Kierunek-Wschod said, the process is very simple. Except, there are plenty of marshrutkas going up to the embassy (ask for Komitas St), which only cost 100 Dram, so you don't need to take a taxi.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby nuria » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:35 am

I collected my Iranian visa in Yerevan. Not ittinerary required, not guide. Only the number, one picture, fill their form, go to pay, normal travel insurance.

I try to have the number via Key2persian. Very bad experience. They don't respond any questions. After send the forms and try to pay, the bank refused the payment and they don't said nothing to me. Waiting for nothing. I finnally had the number via Touranzamin, 40 euros but efficient.

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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby vVagary » Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:29 pm

Hi guys,

Currently we experience some issues to get visa in Yerevan and do not really understand what is a source of the problem. Last Wednesday we got visa code from Pars Travel Agency covering 2 people. Same day we visited embassy and letter was there... but only for one person. Surprising. PTA told us to be patient. Till Monday letter from MFA covering 2nd person did not arrive in consulate. I talked again to PTA and asked them to request for sending MFA letter to embassy again, what they confirm to be done on Tue. Today a week is passing and still no echo of letter for 2nd person. Agent claims that it is not any longer in their hands and same time embassy staff declare that they cannot help us.
Anyone experienced that kind of issues with long waiting period between getting a code and being it released to embassy?
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby Kidp3 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:43 am

So I just applied today at the embassy. Canadian passport, 50 euros for 1 week processing, 75 euros for next day. Just the usual stuff was asked of me (passport, copy of first page, copy of proof of insurance, one photo, filled in form), no mention of a guide or itinerary. She did ask if I was born in Canada (I'm Asian), but maybe she was just checking for her and her co-workers mind :) Bus #1 goes to both Republic Square (where the Mellat Bank is) and Komitas Av (where the Iran Embassy is off of. Get off around 56 Komitas Ave). All-in-all, it took 2.5 hours to find a 24hr internet cafe for printing/copying and going back and forth between the embassy and the bank. Finished by 11am, so definitely possible to do in one day.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby RyanMo » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:26 pm

Update: January 18th 2016.

I can confirm all the above is correct.
Irish passport €40 one full week wait, €60 ND.
Finnish passport €50, €75 ND.
You can pay in multiple currencies at the Iranian Millet bank, I paid half USD, half Armenian Dram for example. No card payment though.
Touran Zamin used for code; fast, efficient and effective. €38 cost, we had to scan our card details to them which does feel a little sketchy but it was the only way. Code was at the embassy I think 10 normal days after first requesting it.

Just to second Kierunek-Wschod's time and money saving hint, I would advise you to borrow a friendly Armenian's phone for two minutes (feel free to use your own of course) and enquire as to whether your 'visa authorisation code' is definitely at the embassy first before paying them. If it most certainly is, then you will save a bit of effort and time by paying first for sure!

Once you've dropped your passport off with the bank receipt and your done for the day, it's a fairly nice walk back into town from the embassy, you can pass near the Mother of Armenia statue and then arrive to the very top of the giant staircase full of art, The Cascade.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby hnoor0055 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:47 am

I talked again to PTA and asked them to request for sending MFA letter to embassy again, what they confirm to be done on Tue. Today a week is passing and still no echo of letter for 2nd person. Agent claims that it is not any longer in their hands and same time embassy staff declare that they cannot help us.

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NEW OPENING HOURS at Iranian Embassy in Yerevan

Postby AaronBruck » Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:51 am

The Yerevan embassy seems to have changed their hours of opening for visa issuance -
***The NEW times are now Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00***
Note that the information online and even the sign on the embassy door still states the old times (9:15 to 13:00 Mon-Fri)
Prices for Australian passport as follows -
100euro normal processing time (1 wk)
150euro same day
Require insurance policy, passport photo, passport photocopy & of course your reference number.
An application form can be downloaded and completed online (not sure where), but if not the staff will give you a form to complete as well as instructions for the bank deposit in the city centre. I encountered people at the embassy who had made the deposit beforehand and had completed forms at hand, ensuring only one visit to the embassy.
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Re: Iranian Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia Report

Postby BackroadVagrants » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:10 pm

We can confirm the new opening hours. We submitted our documents September 23, 2016 and picked up our passports September 30. Visa was, however, already issued September 27. Prices for EU and Polish passport holders were 50 € and 75 € express processing time. The lady said to us, however, that express means next open date, not same day. Normal processing 1 week.

We printed the application form from - no problems!

We also put together a full report here: ... n-yerevan/

Another thing that's worth pointing out: There are free beverages and sweets at the embassy! :D
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