China visa in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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China visa in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Post by mikey8590 »

We stopped by the Dushanbe China Embassy this morning. It is currently closed for visas until September 17th. We were told that Americans CAN get a China visa here. But we won't know for sure until it reopens. We intend to cycle the Pamirs soon and don't want to go all the way north to Bishkek for the visa so we are considering waiting here in Dushanbe. Anyone know the latest with American visas in Dushanbe?
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Re: China visa in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Post by ESpela »


Since we could not find any newer information on getting a Chinese visa in Dushanbe, we decided to go and check it out ourselves while we were there (we are two Slovenians traveling Central Asia very slowly towards China and need to arrange our Chinese visa on the road).
First of all, the staff in the Embassy have really mixed information about issuing visas to foreigners; on the first day we were at the Embassy (well in the small box just before the entrance to the embassy - of course we were not let in:)) one employee told us we should go to "Aviakassa" and that they will explain everything to us??; but I guess he was not completely sure of this so he called another very friendly guy who really wanted to help us, and he explained to us that we should give him information about documents we as Slovenian citizens need to deliver to Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Slovenia for issuing a Chinese visa in our home country and that based on these information he will ask Consul in Dushanbe if it is possible to issue a visa for us here. Of course we prepared all the necessary information and translated them to Russian and went to the Embassy the next day. We gave him the papers and 5 minutes later we were invited in. There we were presented to another employee who then checked our passports (every single page) and asked us if we have permanent residency in Tajikistan. Of course we don't have it, since we are just traveling on a touristic visas, so we said no. He then very kindly explained that visas can be issued only to residents of Tajikistan or (at least as we understood) to foreigners with permanent residency in Tajikistan. No exceptions. We thanked them all and left and that was it:)

Hope someone else will find this information useful and will not waste his/her time in Dushanbe for attempting to get Chinese visa as a tourist in Tajikistan.

Safe travels,
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Re: China visa in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Post by merrickc »

Definitely useful, thank you!
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