Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Uzbek embassy in Ankara below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Uzbek visa page.
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Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by ustrasse »

We picked up our Uzbekistan visas from the consulate in Ankara. Everything went smoothly and nothing much has changed from the 2013 report--Super friendly guy with almost no English, five day processing without LOI and told to pick up on Friday. USD$160 for American and $80 for German.

The one thing that seems to have changed is the payment--looks like they've moved from HSBC to Akbank. When we arrived the guy at the consulate told us to go with one of the travel agents (guys who are always waiting around the office?) to the bank because we would need a Turkish ID number to make the payment. The agent drove us to the nearest Akbank on Turan Gunes Blv and essentially did all the talking, we just handed him our applications and the money. He drove us back to the consulate and that was it. The Akbank account details were also posted on the noticeboard at the consulate.

Not sure where foreigners without a Turkish chaperone would have to go to pay the consular fees, but I guess this is a "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" kind of thing between the guy at the consulate and the travel agents.

Happy it all went so smoothly... we even got a free map of Uzbekistan, wahoo! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by yongkx »

Hi. I have similar experience today as well. I went there at 3pm and the entire visa application took 1.5hours including going to Akbank to make payment. By 4.30pm, my visa was ready for collection on the same day. It was smooth and no question asked. Friendly guy who spoke little english. I have a LOI and as a Singaporean, I paid $80 for single entry, 30 days.
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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by Davidfun »

Can only confirm that everything runs smoothl . Swedish pass. with LOI, arrived at 11 and had the visa 1,5h later. Same story with a Turkish person driving me to the bank (akbank) 80$. Seems they go around to different embassies delivering/paying/colleting passports around this area? We made some stops on the way one of them being turkmen embassy.

Also a guy from France getting his Uzbek visa the same da . No LOI so he had to wait fro previous Friday to next Monday so about 10days? He was on his way to the bank when I was done though :) 80$
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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by rocketbirdfishman »

Picked up visa from Ankara after having applied in Istanbul. It was ready after 8 days for a Czech and a British citizen. $70 each for 15 day single entry. Needed to give them one more application form and photo. The guy was really angry with us for not having a second photocopy of the form to take to the bank with us, but photcopied it for us again himself. A guy from the embassy (who I think was applying for a visa himself) took us to the bank to help us pay.
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Uzbekistan Visa application experience in Ankara

Post by King-Slim »

February 2017

Visited the embassy reasonably early on a Friday. At first was concerned as the security guard didn't want me to go in with my bags, but took a look inside and was satisfied, although I still needed to leave them outside the accrual buildings once inside the compound. I arrived around 10.30am and there was nobody else there except a Russian guy from an agency who helped with translation.

I'm a UK passport holder and had fastidiously prepared all my documentation for a 30 day visa.
1) Printed out duplicates of the online application.
2) Made hotel bookings for a fictional journey across the country (by bicycle) and printed out both an itinerary and all the booking confirmations.
3) Had a letter of employment from my employer in the UK saying I had the means to travel and was returning to my job and was recommended as trustworthy.
4) Made a photocopy of my entire passport including non visa stamped pages.
5) Passport photo (x2)

In the end when they dealt with me all they wanted was one copy of the online application and one passport photo which I'd neglected to stick to the form but they glued on for me, and briefly handed over my passport.

Passport processing days were Wednesday and Friday if I recall, but they explained that as Friday was the last day of the week the ambassador didn't come in and so processing wouldn't start until Monday and that I should come back the following Friday to collect the visa.

I returned a week later, and they sent me an email the day before to remind me (I had emailed to double check as this is my first embassy visa application and I was concerned by the reputation of Central Asia as lands of difficult visa applications).

Payment needed to be made in the local bank by a Turkish national so one was called to drive me there and I paid and got a receipt, then returned to pick up the visa, which was issued to the dates I requested just under three months in the future.

The process couldn't have been easier.... well it could... I had been excited by news in January that visa applications would be able to be made in person after April 1st 2017, but this ruling was later postponed (I had feared it was going to be a premtive April Fools joke!).

I'm glad I chose yo collect from Ankara rather than Baku, as the embassy in Azerbaijan sounds like its a little hard to find and my time there will be strained slightly as I navigate the foibles of getting a ticket for the ferry Baku > Aktau (Kazakhstan).

Good luck with your applications, they seem to be getting easier and easier as Uzbekistan tries to open up its tourism industry.

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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by Aasver »


I am a french man hitch-hiking alone. I got my uzbek visa from the uzbek embassy in Ankara almost 4 months in advance.

They are open from 9:30am to 12:30.

I applied at the end of february 2017. When I arrived the police man in front of the door just checked my bag and let me go inside. I arrived a thursday, which is supposed to not be a day for applicatipns, so, the man (black hair and glasses, as I understood he's the consul) first told me that today it is not possible. I pretended to don't understand, just keep smiling and showing papers again, and finally he said "ok ok, wait 5 minutes" and disapeared. Half an hour later he came back, took only one applicaton form, one visa photocopy and only one photo. He asked where I wanted to pick it up, and I said that I will come back after 2 weeks. He said the visa will be ready.

2 weeks later I came back (mid-march), at 10am, and at 10:05 the electricity shutted down :)
He said that he could not help me then, and that I have to wait outside the electricity to come back. It came back around 12:15am. then he let me inside, took my passport, sent me to the AkBank on the big avenue to pay (you need a turkish ID, a turkish applicant waiting with me came and helped me)., then I came back, and I got my passport back with the visa inside ! He never said anything about the dates.

He is helpfull and was nice with me, but a bit rude in general.

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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by Lottieandryan »

2 x British citizens travelling by motorcycle. Applied in Istanbul for 30 day visa within 2 month period. Visa ready in 5 working days in Ankara. Arrived early at Ankara embassy (advisable as the man gets very angry later in the day), with a 2nd copy of the paperwork we submitted in Istanbul. Went with agent to bank to pay $80 each. No processing fee. Very easy process.
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Re: Uzbekistan visa in Ankara

Post by Sydonian »

Netherlands citizen here, I picked up the visa on April 30th, 2018.

I applied in Istanbul, requesting to pick up the 30 day tourist visa in Ankara.
The embassy opens at 10 AM, instead of the 09:30 I read about.

Shortly after 10, I was let inside. The two people working there did not speak English, only Turkish and Russian. This made everything a bit more difficult.

They eventually understood I was there to pick up the visa. I handed over the same copy of the application form, a passport photo, passport and passport copy. I was told to wait.

Everything seemed fine, the cost was going to be 60 USD for a 30 day visa. The problem here is that it has to paid at AKbank, where only Turkish citizens can deposit money.

Another man, also applying for a visa, was told to accompany me to the bank nearby. It seemed that he didn't have to go there for himself, just to accompany me. There was a big line (at least half an hour) but depositing the money went fine.

I returned to the embassy and handed over the confirmation paper. My visa was already put into my passport and got handed it back. They gave me a magazine about Uzbekistan (in Turkish) as well.

The whole process (without waiting for the embassy to open) took about 1,5 hours.
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