Iran visa Nicosia (Cyprus)

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Iran visa Nicosia (Cyprus)

Post by joanr »

we tried applying for Iran transit visa in Nicosia.

terrible Embassy. they have no clue what they are doing, no one speaks English and they just can't bother.

we did the e-visa application first for Transit visa, went to the embassy and they told us to come back only 2 weeks before our departure. we needed the visa to apply for Turkmenistan visa so this was not an option.

we then decided to go for tourist visa and they told us OK, but since I have Spanish passport I could not apply there. They asked me to send my passport to Madrid.

my friend who has Cyprus passport had no issue, they changed the visa application from Transit to Tourist, no approval from Tehran needed and after 75 euro payment he got the visa the same day (only they were 1st asking for hotel bookings but they seemed to have forgotten that by the end of the process).

I sent my passport to Madrid after receiving code from Tehran (through the contact given by Caravanistan), paid 50euro and got the visa in 3 days.
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Peter Van
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Re: Iran visa Nicosia (Cyprus) December 2018

Post by Peter Van »

Hi silky travellers!

Did anyone out there have a recent experience with getting the Iran visa issued in Nicosia, Cyprus?
If so,
- how much time does it take? (when I already have RN visa code from the Ministry)
- what are the documents required (insurance, hotel bookings, flight ticket ...)?
- how much is the fee for normal and express visa? (for Belgian nationals, if possible)

I have no residence permit for Cyprus, am just passing through.

The only embassy report dates from August and was not positive, has there been any change or any problems I should know about?

Thanks a ton for an early reply!

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