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Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Rome, Italy

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:09 pm
by Venelin
I wanted to share my experience with obtaining an Uzbek visa from Rome. I do not recommend the experience to anyone and until the consul is still the same person, the situation probably will not improve. If you have another option of getting the visa, it will pay off. If you are not a resident of Italy, you cannot apply there anyways; however you could probably expect a similar behavior in other remote and rarely used consulates, too. They are the typical places where you would find old guard officials that somehow still survive the clean-up activities initiated by the new president.

Initially, I tried to call the consulate and to arrange to ship the documents directly to them. The consulate simply does not respond to calls, despite claiming so in its website, which was later confirmed to me by the secretary of the ambassador. Then I applied through an agency in Rome, which updated me on all obstacles in the process.

I was immediately told to insert 30 days of stay in the application, because if I declared my real shorter stay in the country, the application would be rejected. Initially the consulate claimed that I am not allowed to apply without a letter of invitation, because "their website said that my citizenship required the letter", as they have never updated the website in light of the recent visa liberalization. I was also required to produce a residence permit for Italy, which I do not have, since I am an EU citizen and the agency apparently tried to resolve the question with additional unsuccessful trip to the consulate.

As suggested by the secretary of the ambassador, I wrote a complaint in English and Russian to the consulate email, with the ambassador in cc and apparently this changed the situation and my visa was issued within the guaranteed 7 days.