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Mongolia visa in Ankara

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:06 pm
by Hmoo
Hi all, just to say we managed to get two 30 day Mongolia visas from the consulate in Ankara a few weeks ago. Extremely straightforward - we rang ahead and spoke to a very helpful person named Mogi. He advised no appointment was necessary and to just come in when we were in Ankara (the following week). We printed out the forms, showed proof of entry and exit travel and a letter of invitation from our tour company. He processed the visas whilst we waited in his office reading guides to UB he’d given us. Took about 25 mins. No one else was there and I got the impression they don’t get much through traffic. We paid in dollars but didn’t have the right money - $30 each - so he gave us change from a $100 in Turkish lira. A great experience!